The Review of Education of Little Tree by Forest Carter

Paper Type:  Book review
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Date:  2021-05-26

The review of the novel depicts the story of a boy who gets orphaned when young. The boy gets adopted in Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee by his Cherokee grandmother and a half- Cherokee grandfather during the Great Depression (Carter et al 16). The name Little Tree,' is used by the grandparents of the orphaned boy to refer to him. The grandparents teach the boy how to hunt and fend while in the mountains, he is also taught to respect the nature in Cherokee Way.

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Life highlights on an individual taking what is needed and leaving the rest for nature to run its course. The Little Tree also comes to learn the cruel ways of white business people and tax collectors, and how his grandfather in hilarious vignettes drives them away from his illegal attempt to join the corrupt economy. While living with the grandparents, Little Tree gets taught the joys that come from reading and education. The novel goes further to explain that situation changes when Little Tree is taken away by the whites for schooling. There is cruelty that is meted out to the Indian children in an attempt of assimilating them. The aspect also highlights Little Trees' perception of the Anglo World and how it differs from the Cherokee norms and nature (Carter et al 27).

Like most of the novels and classics, the central theme addressed in Education of Little Tree' is racism. The evidence gets noted when Little Tree gets taken to school by the whites, but they get treated with cruelty in an attempt of assimilating them. Forrest Carter tells the fantastic story in a manner that the theme only appears one moment and frolic in the Woods with Little Tree once again. Different styles also get explored in writing the novel. These techniques include suspense and other critical elements of literature like action. These styles get noted when revenues came streaming in the woods in search of a still. The grandparents then lost the guardian responsibility for the boy due to moonshine business which gets depicted as a sequence set in place and tries to cure the kid after the grandparents lost his custody. All these actions portray suspense to the reader regarding the novel (Carter et al 11).

Another critical issue regarding the book gets founded on the tone. The writing sings and paints pictures in a manner that fits someone who has an excellent command of English language and thereby able to write. The irony is in tone where it remains incredibly childlike as Little Tree explains his life. The result of the sound gets accompanied by exquisite, touching and heartbreaking irony as the reader figures out the racial and social implications of events that go way over a child's head. The novel gets equally well acted with characters such as Cromwell acting Grandpas role, proving exemplary performance as in Babe". He shows that he can take the roles of characters that are entirely different from each other despite his unmistakable physique. What triggers the interest of many readers about the novel is how sweetly Grandpa gets allowed right from the beginning of the story to the end (Carter et al 15).

The text portrays a different image of the usual norm where the old man proves uncompromised with instances of strictness. Tantoo Cardinal also acts the role of Grandma, where she brings the presence of conviction that offers newness and uniqueness in her conversation, which by then got portrayed as obvious and simplistic. There is also Joseph Ashton who acts the role of Little Tree. He gets considered as a new actor that portrays freshness with a sense of naturalistic feature on the camera. The novel which first gets construed as the writers first autobiography later gets acknowledged after the literary scandal. Consequently, it got noted that the author of the book shared links with the supremacist group. Even though this piece got realized, the book is still one of those that gets celebrated to date. The book gets argued that it can assist young people in being creative in several means because of The Little Tree (Carter et al 125).


In conclusion, the review of the novel revolves around the half- Cherokee orphan who eludes the clutches of his white aunt and ends in growing up in the wilderness of the Great Smoky Mountains as depicted in the entire paper. The novel acts as a symbol of wisdom to the Non-Native Americans who after decades of racism and rejections, can now get appreciated and emulated. The Grandpa's occupation of distilling and selling moonshine gets depicted to show the kind of lifestyle the Native Americans were expected to live. The book, therefore, illustrates the theme of racism but uses several styles such as suspense among others to make it look like a non-issue to those who got affected directly.

Work Cited

Carter, Forrest, Rennard Strickland, and Harold Augustus. The Education of Little Tree. Albuquerque: the University of New Mexico Press, 1986. Print.

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