The Role of Literature in Changing Society - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-01

The history of literature dates back to the beginning of human civilization. People formed societies with the aim of fulfilling their human needs and aspirations. Our goal is to depict the role of literature in the society. Both culture and literature have remained inseparable from each other because literature cannot function without the society (Hashmi, 2012). Research is crucial to the communities because it is the mirror of things that may happen or have happened in society. It is also a way for people to learn about their past and even reduce stress in their day to day lives. There have been many leaders who enjoyed reading literature work to lessen the amount of stress they had in their lives.

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literature, in general, has diverse effects on the society (Howland, 2007). Literature refers to the reflection of the community, so the society has huge effects on also provides both a gateway and a getaway depending on the type of literature that is being studied. Literature can be focused on history and art. Research also plays a crucial role in the preservation of knowledge that is to be passed down for generations. If we want to increase our innovations, we must possess newly acquired knowledge from the previous generations. Literature provides an avenue of innovative and creative ways through which people interpret the world and all things that exist in it. It also functions as a source of entertainment, inspiration and the opportunities for mind development.

In addition, literature is also an outlet through which we expose creative interpretations of the environment and how we can apply that knowledge to improve on what we already know. Its fascinating that literature can come in so many different forms, but yet they have similar effects on the mind. Through various reading, we engage our mind in obtaining and understanding new information that will bring us to a different world (Howland, 2007). Taking into account that many people have an interest in exploring the world, reading is widely accepted in todays world.

It also through the works of literature that people can preserve their cultural norms and ideologies. People get an in-depth insight, analysis, and understanding of their culture. Writing brings forth societys right values and ills. It mirrors the negatives of the society, appreciates its mistakes and amends them. Moreover, it provides a guideline, rules, code of ethics that ought to be followed by every person in society. In its corrective fiction, it projects the right virtues that people should emulate. Literature is an imitation of human action, and it presents an illusion of what people think, say or does in the society.

We find stories that portray human life and action through some actors who convey particular messages for the main aim of information, education, and entertainment. Works of literature also include the attitudes, morale, and values of the society (Crawshaw, 2014). The authors of research transport real life events in the community into fiction. Therefore, literature does not only include a reflection of the society but also serves as a corrective mirror in which the members of the community can look and find the need of positive change. In conclusion, literature is fire and depends on how you use can also be used as a liberating force for the society .it is not confined to any thinking arena as it was traditionally thought. I believe there are many instances where literature is considered of having the power to change.

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