Government Intervenes to Support Healthy, Safe Community for Kids - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


The government has played several roles in the form of intervention to community development. For instance, the government has ensured that the community is a good place for the children. This has been achieved by guaranteeing proper health provision for them due to their vulnerable conditions. This has also been ensured through trough setting up legal frameworks which apply to the whole community for the protection of children. The other role is to create a more cohesive community by setting up common points for and approaches to common services through which all the members of the community operate together. These include trading centres like markets, which collectively serve the interest of the community as a whole at which they meet occasionally as a unit. The financial support is another way through which the government has played a role in the community development especially in projects where funds are needed; for instance, the establishment of public academic institutions.

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However, there are both positive and negative implications of government interventions towards community development. One of the advantages of this form of intervention by the government can be the promotion of economic fairness, especially in the local trading markets. Besides, the intervention of the government is also a way through which the community is sure of the considerable level of social welfare in the community. Social well-being is a great indicator of community development and manifests when members are willing to work together. While the advantages are significant, the disadvantages also have some impact in the community; for example, the outcome of the government intervention lead to increased taxation and not all the members of the community may be able to commit.

Democrats and Republicans, and Community Development Programs

Both the Democrats and Republicans are focused on addressing issues associated with community development. On the same, they have some similarities and differences regarding their approaches. One of the similarities is that both the parties are after the achievement of a strong economy, which grows adequately. They are looking towards to create fair policies, which can be favorable to all the members of every community, and the American society as a whole. This implies that the parties are both willing to create a common being in the society whereby people are united to come and work together for a peaceful existence and ultimately promote the occurrence of community development. This also makes it evident that they are working towards promoting a society in which all members of a given community contribute to the development.

Even as much as both parties have common approaches to tackling community development, there are significant points of differences. For one, the democrats work with the philosophy of reaching out to the domestic programs and promoting the projects they have and help in setting up more. They focus on this by ensuring that the government is always in touch with what happens at the ground. They also ensure that good governance is always felt in the communities, which further improve the nature of the social structures and insist on more communal responsibility interventions. The republicans, on the other hand, have a different approach; for example, they are always less liberal-minded, focus on the national projects and beyond, and hardly demonstrate the willingness to intervene to the community developmental projects. Even though they support social and economic projects, they rarely intervene. Their intervention is rather targeted towards international relations.


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