The Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale Analysis

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Date:  2021-05-19

This book is written in three different versions namely Perrault, Grimms and Disney versions. These versions are not similar but have some similarities in the nature they are written. Perraults version has significant difference with other versions because it is observed to be more literacy than other versions in its own context (Hanlon, 1998). It also tends to bring out more features of the people than the rest. Its literacy nature is found in the manner in which it focuses on its detailed narratives like the way it provides a narrative of fairys place being at the festivity from Perraults fairy anecdotes (Carter, 1967) and before each fairys place was a solid golden casket containing a knife, fork and spoon of pure gold inlaid with diamonds and rubies. The writer of this book also focuses his attention more on other regions in his narratives like the way they attempted to restore their princes and the image of the princes when she was sleeping.

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Perraults version is also in conflict with the idea of oral tradition in the sense that its narrative goes on even after the princess has been woken up by the prince. According to this version, the princess and the prince marry each other without the knowledge of their parents. The prince cheats his parents that he is going out for hunting but he simply visits the princess. The same issues continue for more than two years until the time they had two children Dawn and Day. When the father of prince dies, the prince had the opportunity to become a king and therefore he had the obligation to meet his mother from the ogress decedent.

There was a time when the king was needed in war and his mother had the desire to devour her grandchildren and daughter- in-law (Hanlon, 1998). In the mind of ogress, she knew that she had devour all of them but this was not the case because they have been saved by the effort of majordomo who infuriated when she realized she was tricked to kill the family of her son. These thinks took place when the king was almost coming from war and when he came he saved the situation. Since the shame was too much for the Queen she decided to kill herself.

The next section of this narrative has many familiar literacy tales. According to this section, it seems that Perrault did not use fairy tale convention well when talking about time and when narrating the story about princess (Carter, 1967). The prince was careful not to tell her that her dress, with its great starched ruff, would have been fashionable in his grandmothers day. It is true that something like this was done when documenting this narrative but it was just used as narrators style.

In the Perraults version, the society is also mentioned a number of times. This can be seen at the beginning of his story when he describes to us the way they travelled (Carter, 1967).They travelled all over the World taking the waters, they made vows and pilgrimages, but all to no avail.According to this quote, he simply tells readers how the King and Queen struggled to get a child which is a contrary situation for an ordinary man. This also shows the advantages that aristocracy had during those days.


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Hanlon,Tina L. (1998) To Sleep Perchance to Dream: Sleeping Beauties and wide-awake Plain Janes in the stories of Jane Yolen. Children's Literature. 26: 140-168.

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