The Texas Constitution - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-14


The constitution of Texas is a document which gives a description and the structural functioning of the United States' government. Most of the amendments proposed to the document are due to its restrictive nature. The constitution provides for the legislature to vote the members that make each house. It is worthwhile to note that amending the Texas constitution is a civic duty which may bring about little panic because the significance attached to it may be seen as tiresome following its frequency. The constitution has equally been amended at last 484 times from the time of adoption which can be traced to February 1876. Some people also opine the Texas Constitution as a product of the reactionary response or feedback to the post-Civil War reconstruction. The constitution appears to allow the state government to stay deliberately weak. The legislatures, therefore, find it easy to use the weakness as an excuse of punting decisions to the electorates. The constitution, therefore, limits the state government the chance of amendments on some of the crucial areas.

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In consideration of the nature of the Texas Constitution, I would specifically propose the amendment of the constitution to allow the facilitation of partnership between the cities, counties and the government agency. The amendment will bring the total number of amendments already proposed in Texas to about 656 from the time the constitution was ratified on February 15th, 1856. My justification for the proposed amendment is inclined on the fact that Texas has been sidelined on matters development due to poor coordination among the cities, counties and other governmental agencies. The amendment will, therefore, ensure that Texas utilizes the resources given to it and liaises with other cities, counties, and government agencies on developmental issues. The amendment will also give strength to governmental agencies like the legislature, the executive and the judiciary due to the assigned distinctive duties which will enable them to operate effectively and efficiently. The process for making such amendments is somewhat tiresome but can be simplified because Texas has a relatively low bar. The amendment will also require that at least two-thirds of the house pass a vote in favor of the constitution, something which would later be approved by at least three-fourths of the State. The entire process will require the involvement of the legislature after which there will be a say of the people through the popular referendum procedure.


In consideration of my assessment pertaining the Texas political culture, there is a likelihood that the amendment may be adopted by the populous because of the following reasons. The Texas Constitution as presently constituted is restrictive, and the citizens have very little to benefit. The constitution does not guarantee the state organs enough powers to execute their roles and functions, something which has led to stagnation regarding development. The populous will, therefore, view the amendment as something inclined towards changing the status quo and bringing development on the Texas cities and counties to mention but a few. It will equally revive the state organs and institutions which have been deprived of their powers and functions. The amendment should thus be promoted to the public for them to have a chance of passing it through civic education. The education will offer them the opportunity of also bringing on board their views and ideas which may later be incorporated.

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