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Typical Characteristics of the Healthy Relationship in the Film Love Is Blind - Essay Sample

Date:  2021-06-03 23:25:31
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Typical characteristics of the healthy relationship in the film involve the relationship between Amanda and Audrey. Amanda describes Audrie to be at one point one of her only true and best friend; she affirms that they were inseparable pair throughout their middle school, and no week could have without going to each other houses. Another relationship is the one between Nick and Cole where they worked things out together in a team. Ideally, Daisy and Delaney also shared good relationship since when Delaney met Daisy; it was a total reassurance that she wasnt alone. In contrary, some of the Charlie and Matt Barnet has a bad relationship through the statement he could make when around him, I dont think ever thought about teaching them greater life lessons until I heard about a couple of boys making comments about a girl. Through emotional immaturity behaviors such as making degrading comments, isolating, controlling friendship, we can say that Piage and Daisy experience a bad relationship since they were controlling and weird kids and most of the time they were together, their humor were dry and was based on isolating and degrading comments.

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The relationship has changed by the use of social media since at times you are not able to see each other physically, one through social media can exploit the chance of bullying you with malicious text, Daisy was raped after she was subsequently harassed in social media. The best etiquette to apply when you are dating is to restrict social media from sharing of some dating secret; the dating life should remain a secretive life and not a social media thing especially during conflicts and break up.

Healthy relationships have lots of benefits associated to it since respect, trust, sharing, and humor are part of the advantage, and this is expressed through the relationship between Amanda and Audrey. On the other hand, the cost of an unhealthy relationship is dangerous, and to some extent, it leads to death. Daisy through a bad relationship experiences a harassment and abuse. Accomplishing a good relationship is a good thing, and before having a good relationship, I need to understand myself I know my worth before getting unhealthy relationships that will destroy my worth.

The one thing I value in a relationship is respect since it will make one create boundaries when it comes to respecting ones personal boundaries and like and dislike hence building communication and sharing. About the relationship between Amanda and Audrey, based on mutual respect that is showing respect to my friends and family, I too would like to be respected and loved. It is important to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship so as to prevent physical harassment such punching and pushing, prevent emotional torture such as degrading comments. Additionally, sexual harassment will be avoided. Finally, I would intervene when a find a friend who is in an unhealthy relationship since I know that the cost of staying in an unhealthy relationship lead to discomfort, stress and some extend death. The only way I will handle it is through communication.

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