Overcoming Language Barrier: My Experiences in Group Therapy - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-29


Having a language barrier turned out to be a good experience for me. The barrier brought me to terms with the reality of the world in maintaining communication between two or more parties. I was, therefore, able to appreciate the role of group therapy in providing guidance and counseling to people having issues in interpersonal learning. I was also able to share my insecurities and in turn, get to learn from the experiences of the other members in the group. Group therapies had other advantages that bundled with membership benefits. Theses banked on giving a sense of belonging to the members, providing encouragement, developing interpersonal interaction, providing support and giving perspective to certain issues of interest.

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Group therapy opened me to gain more skills that help me in handling my daily life. As discussed, interpersonal learning is one of the most highlighted skills that is developed through group therapies. A group discussion creates an arena for the interaction of individuals with varying personalities to ponder over their different views of life. Communication skills are as well developed during the interpersonal interaction of the therapy group members. With increased communication, socializing skills are also developed. The socializing skills improve the way we manage communication between two or more individuals.

The skills I learned are widely applicable in my life. Since the group therapy allows the exchange of positive criticism, the socializing skills enable individuals to communicate better in their daily endeavors. This increases their social interactions and, therefore, improves the way the respective individuals relate with each other and the society at large. The socializing skills also build on the self-awareness to the issues that are affecting someone, and how they relate to those affecting others around them. In essence, there is increased awareness to the changes in the environment of the said individuals. Interpersonal learning skills build on the confidence level of individuals to enhance their social performance before an audience. When the social performance of such individuals is boosted, they experience increased communication with other individuals in the society. Interpersonal skills also give the chance for one to express their different views on trending topics with utter confidence and anticipation of tackling the challenges that come with such critical issues.

Career-wise, the acquired skills also have a role to play. As interpersonal learning develops the confidence of people before an audience, excellent presentations can come from such engagements. Addressing people is not an easy thing to do, more so in a professional capacity. One has to be keen to articulate his or her words carefully while involving non-verbal cues to enhance communication. To set the wheel turning, confidence is required. Interpersonal learning seeks to grow this confidence and reflect on better oral presentations. Relaying of information from one entity to another, also known as communication, is an important parameter in any career. Socializing skills develop the way in which communication is handled such that the message being transmitted is concise. By doing this, the overall efficiency of the individuals is improved and as they give an outcome of importance to the career under focus.

My experience of having a language barrier posed a challenge to me. Being unable to express one's ideas sprouts the feeling of failure in whatever task that someone undertakes. The expected onset of failure has a negative correlative to the confidence level of such a person. In my case, I decided to tackle the challenge with whatever paraphernalia availed to me. I grasped at the mere chance to involve therapy in my wake. Individual therapy is a good standpoint when seeking to gain confidence and interpersonal learning skills.

The same experience also changed the way I think. I learned to appreciate the application of group psychotherapy in developing communication and socializing skills in some people. There is also a sense of self-awareness coming up as a result of being in the audience of people with the same issues. In another instance, I discovered that different people are affected by different levels of emotions that are seen to play along with the development of intimacy in the interpersonal process. The aspects of intimacy are in the physical, intellectual or emotional spectrums. Interpersonal learning sets a major anchor for learners who have the hope of improving their social interactions.

Moreover, in the course of traversing the world, interpersonal learning prepares someone to be able to defend and support their views when appearing before other people through the enhancement of communication skills. Evidently, communication is key when looking into achieving productive interactions with the environment. The experience further prompted me to appreciate the setting and achieving of goals. Participating in group psychotherapy provides additional knowledge that is needed by those trying to accomplish something in life. Goals act as the indicators of the desired direction of life that one seeks to take. However, goals should be designed bearing in mind the resources and capabilities that are allowed. That said, goals should be achievable as this also motivates people to do more in life.

Having experienced language as a barrier in communication, a number of questions came up. For instance, how much awareness is done to show the benefits of group psychotherapy in helping people with communication and socializing challenges? A lot of information is provided during the therapy sessions that surpass what one might perceive to be the case. Nonetheless, many people may not be fully aware of such provisions. As such, more energy should be channeled towards the other people finding it hard to go over the hurdles set on the paths of success. Another question that arises is, are people aware of the role of interpersonal learning in developing confidence and presentation levels? The interpersonal process sets a foundation on which one is able to stand on and express his or her ideas to an audience while displaying profound presentation skills. Group psychotherapy increases the interpersonal interaction between the members of the group. The skills acquired during the therapy sessions can be easily applied in real-world situations when the individuals are called upon to address a professional gathering.


In summary, the course fulfilled my expectations. The academic materials provided covered a broad spectrum of the interpersonal learning experience that is barely captured in other reading materials. There were also broad discussions on issues that are affecting people in their daily lives that included detailed information on how to tackle the different challenges that come their way. Perspectives were also introduced and explained adequately to bring out the concepts intended. Subtly, showing that different people tend to suffer from the same issues rules out the feeling of isolation and therefore making people open up to others. With this, there is increased social interaction. It is co...

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