Uncovering the Dark Side of Human Sex Trafficking - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-09


Initially, before the topic, my viewpoint was coiled around the notion of human sex trafficking as a concept of history, which does not exist in the current century. However, the examination of facts and deeper understandings of the ideas and tricks used by traffickers have diversified my perspective. In other words, the research has broadened my thinking on the topic.

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The Most Interesting/Surprising Thing That I Learned About My Topic

The concept of human sex trafficking has been a debatable factor that has massively grown to a multibillion-dollar industry that has profoundly slipped through federal hands of many governments. It is incredible to examine the scope of the industry with only less than .06 cases being reported globally (Burke, 2017). Never the less, the surprise that caught my attention during the research was the established chain of a network that is governed by sex traffickers.

On the other hand, weak legislative acts within developing nations have been one of the facilitating factors that have aided in the growth of human sex trafficking. Countries such as China and Russia, have developed a more extensive chain of sex traffickers that control the market and the business. Despite the little awareness created by the governments from other nation, the United Nation has been the soul advocator that has been globally pushing against human trafficking. However, this has been adopted by different government at a slower pace, which results in higher diversification of human sex trafficking with little reported cases.

The Solution to My Social Problem

Human sex trafficking is globally generating a considerable deal of revenue, at the expense and exploitation of innocent individuals. Despite the lucrative business thriving under the nose of the government, there are fewer legislations which are not being observed. This has provided a loophole for the case. Nearly less than 3% of the victims report human sex trafficking, due to exploitation and slim chances that fell on their way (Szilard, & Barath, 2015). As a better way to solve the matter, the public should be on the forefront in reporting any sexual harassment behaviors to the federal. This will help investigate the matter, helping to curb the situation.

How the Research Has Informed My Understanding?

The study provided a divergent pool of information regarding the topic. With results and analysis from different researchers, there was no doubt that the concept of human sex trafficking has diversified beyond our imagination. Several documents from the United Nations provides a better overview of the matter regarding diversity, and effectiveness of human sex trafficking has affected most of our society. Never the less, the research has defined the factors influencing the growth of the industry ranging from weak legislation, poverty, and a diversified encrypted network. This makes the operations of sex trafficking possible even beyond the borders. In a nutshell, the research had been a significant eye-opener regarding the extent of the matter. Children as low as 12 years of age are being involved in human sex trafficking, which is a significant violation of human rights.

Obstacles During the Research

Among one of the challenges in the project was associated with the acquisition of the right information for analysis. In many cases, very few information was obtained via the internet, with little discussion about the effects to society mentioned. On the other hand, some of the sources obtained through the internet were not credible, as they provided conflicting agender on the topic, which became cumbersome to facilitate the research.

How Did You Overcome Them?

The school library provided a series of valid literature material on the topic, which facilitated the growth of the research. On the same token interviews with professors, with a better understanding of the subject, became my primary source of information gathering. Finally, the project was composed of both interviews and research material.

How Did You Think?

The entire research was developed through particular sets of factual information. As a result, this called for critical thinking to understand the operations of sex traffickers. Moreover, this called for careful thought in determining the useful part played by weaker federal legislation without pointing a direct accusation on them. In a nutshell, the research and interviews facilitated the need for creativity and cautious mind.


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