U.S. Declares War on Germany in April 1917 - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-07


On 2nd April 2017, the United States declared war on Germany and the central powers after sinking of Lusitania submarine, and President Woodrow led this. He went ahead to make citations on the German's violation of making pledges on the suspension of the unrestricted submarine warfare in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. However, on 4th April 1917, the United State made voting to support the measures for a war declaration on Germany (Weiss, 2018). At a later time during 7th December 1917, there was an emergence of the United States declaring war on Germany ally. Isolation fact owed by president Wilson led to the United States remains neutral after during the time war began. About ten million soldiers in the United States took place during the wartime to provide enough protection to civilians.

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The main reasons for war declaration include; Germany decision to resume unrestricted submarine warfare in early 1917. Secondly inclination to provide help to Britain to whom United State had loaned 2 Billion dollars (Spykman, 2017). More so, President Wilson, during that time, decided coming up with good points which he used to provide advisory ideas to civilians who were to participate in war (Weiss, 2016). The aspects include; no provision of private proceedings, there was to have a room for removal of economic barriers, and finally, there was to have a formation of a general association.

However, the United States applied different tactics to win their war. They used Entente powers to win the battles. Through invasion of flu in the nation, Germans were defeated, which provided a room for United State soldiers to succeed (Conte, 2017). Also, the presence of Ernest Hemingway, who served as an ambulance driver gave him a view of making a proper identification of death and miseries of different individuals.


In conclusion, World War had many adverse effects in the United States, but on another side, there were positive effects. The positive outcomes included new opportunities for African Americans who had moved north. Furthermore, Congresswoman known as Lennette Rankin provided a vote against the declaration of war during the year 1917.


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