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Policy Strategies for Immigration are plans actions that were put in place after the US felt like it was losing control of the rate at which immigrants in the nation was increasing. It was catalyzed by the EU's failure to agree on the best policies to counter the crisis of immigration leading to the withdrawal of United Kingdom (Charles &Shelly, 2018). Due to the uncontrollable increase of immigrants with no Visa in the US where the immigrants enter the state through the borders or by sea using rickety boats, the government has come up with a team to come up with policies that will counter this crisis. Therefore, this paper is going to focus on the best strategies to ensure there is order in the immigration ministry. While still at it ensure the government has all the data for all the immigrants in the US. The paper will always emphasize on how these strategies will pawn crooked immigration patterns and the effects of these strategies.

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Liberal Legislators to Exercise Dissimilar Inclinations

Before countering the immigration, the legislators in the immigration ministry should look at the effects of immigration on citizens such that if a large number of immigrants are low skill and will contribute negative impact, then the Visa limits should be strictly effected. On the other hand, if the immigration of a particular group of people will be economically favorable, then less Visa limits are to be imposed (Milner & Tingley, 2011).

Strengthening External Borders

A most significant percentage of irregular immigrants is composed of those fleeing wars and people from sub-Saharan countries seeking economic prospects or asylum. They travel through Mediterranean seas which are extremely dangerous. Therefore, the US should focus on strengthening its borders by increasing the number of border guards that will secure the borders (Charles &Culbertson, 2018). By arraying detection technologies at the perimeter such as cameras and sensors, it will give US full visibility of all the limits (Bush, McLarty &Alden, 2009).

Employment Implementation

Recommendation for any immigrant employed in the US should undergo compulsory verification. (Kandel, 2017). Any employers found not using that verification should be penalized heavily and even strict sanctions placed on them. It is a sure and most effective way to ensure illegal migration is prevented or at least reduced (Bush et al, 2009)

Teaming up With the Third World Countries to Cut off Passage Routes

The US should cooperate with third world countries which are the primary sources of immigrants. The third world countries will be expected to develop strategies that will ensure blocking migration from their lands or at least coming up with measures that will provide the level of immigration from their countries has gone down (Weiner &Hanami, 1998).

Foreign Assistance to Cutting off Migration

The US should not solely fight the immigration challenge and should get assistance from foreign countries and also a collaboration with other developed countries which are likely to suffer from effects of migration; they will come up with programs to support the migrant's source countries. It will reduce the reasons for migration thus cutting off immigration (Baile, 2000).


The migration challenge is not a problem done within the short run. US being among the developed countries will always be the victim of immigration because immigrants from developing countries will run here to seek economic opportunities and security. In the meantime, the government can work on reducing the number of immigrants and still tighten and make sure the above strategies discussed strategies implemented for better results.


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