Video Analysis Essay on Unfolding the Laundry

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Date:  2022-09-21


Unfolding the laundry with Salvador Munichin is a video which shows the family therapy session. The video features Salvador Munichin as the person conducting a live therapy session for various families (Smith, 2011). In this video, it is evident for systems to dismantle before people's eyes and see the systems work. This video was quite amazing as it helped to understand how the system theory can be applied and to appreciate how the system might begin to fix itself. It is evident that communication is the major factors that is likely to influence systematic theory from a structural point of view.

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The concept of boundaries is evident on this concept in the sense that there should be boundaries between various family members. Munichin would go a step further and challenge mothers to develop a stronger generational boundary between them and their children. Also, the boundaries developed should allow fathers to have a greater voice during the parenting process. In many families, mothers decline to develop boundaries because they lack dependency. Instead, most of the mothers will allow their children to overpower them to urge the dependency of their own. In several case, mothers will stay close to their young one during the adolescence years, abandonment issues or due to cultural beliefs.

Hierarchy is the other concept whereby the status or authority is ranked within a family. In most cases, the hierarchy in a family gave men dominance of over women. In recent years, women are not taking dominance in families more than men who are laid back or become absent when it comes to the family. Privilege is like an invisible backpack that we carry. These element of privileges are invisible because not everyone is aware that he or she is carrying it.

In the video, subsystems were presented which was designed to capture the essential systems notions that most objects are part of and examining whether the object is considered as a part or whole at any given time. When a person is part of a family system that is organized, he or she will never be independent and can be understood in context.

The concept of the coalition has been presented in the video which explains that it is putting one parent against the other within the hierarchy in speculation for change. The situation has to be analyzed effectively before engaging in question. Munichin recommends that adults should be engaged in respect to their hierarchy and who was involved in a particular problem. Furthermore, Munichin states that the person who as the most influence that would bring the family together should be given enough respect.

Munichin strongly argues that the therapist should avoid labeling certain families as dysfunctional. Instead, he feels that the therapist should identify the strengths of these families', especially cultural and idiosyncratic strengths. The family should not be seen as the enemy of members because it is a frequent psychological as well as the foundation for its members. Family strengths such as the strong connection to extended family or community are recognized and used to enhance the goals of individuals as well as family growth to reduce various symptoms.

The family is constantly growing and changing to due to predictable stages of development and unexpected life events such as death, divorce or a move (Wetchler, & Durtschi, 2014). The main stage of family development includes couple formation, families that have young children, families with school going children or adolescences and families with grown children. At every stage, the family members have to renegotiate the boundaries and to develop the level of closeness as well as differentiation that will support the needs that will help the individual members to grow.


In the video, Munichin allows various families to reenact events and placing the father in a position that he could be heard and placed the mother in her original position. The system was operating the entire time, and because it was shifted to a different direction, it appeared to be broken. Looking at the son within a family is taking charge and the mother allowing the behavior to continue because of inconsistency in indiscipline. When the father took control from the son, he applied consistent discipline, and the son realized he could not overthrow his father.

The family members can from various houses as well different management. Every member of the family has to be identified with a particular subsystem to identify what one can do recognize what needs to happen. Miscommunication results in a chaotic atmosphere cause other issues to vary. When the subsystems are allowed to communicate their feelings, they will identify the kind of treatment that was needed.

Focusing on the strength of the family will help the family members to have a successful treatment. In this case, the father's consistency was an excellent quality used towards improving discipline. When the father implements this behavior, the mother would eventually embrace. The family had various wonderful qualities that were worth embracing, for example, their communication pattern.

In the video, Munichin used a structural family therapy to as well as straightened the boundaries combine with subsystems to modify the behavior of each of the family members. The family member s had to identify what they were doing or not. As a result, the change had to be implemented through the situations of the family structure and not the problem.


Smith, S.S, (2011). System Theory in Action.

Wetchler, J. L., & Durtschi, J. A. (2014). Structural family therapy. An introduction intomarriage and family therapy (pp. 139-174). Routledge.

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