What Does a Better Writing Mean

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Date:  2021-05-19

A good piece of writing is music to the ears of a reader. It allows him/her to connect with the writer and temporarily see things from their perspective. Therefore, a good writer is classified as one who can comfortably achieve that. It is said that practice makes perfect. Just like many other things, writing is an art that needs to be exercised regularly for one to attain the status of a good writer. Meanwhile, here are some factors that affect the quality of writing.

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The first and foremost is being concise and simple. This is a cardinal sin when it comes to writing. One is advised be verbose and pompous while coming up with a written piece of work. Of course there is that saying about simplicity is an art; however, this does not apply in the world of writing. Verbosity and pompous words can be used as a stylistic device by the writer to magnify and glorify a situation giving it more emphasis to the reader. Similarly, it can also be used as a cloak to cover the defects and limitations by means of diverting the attention of a reader. The whole idea is to challenge the reader in such a way that gets all his/her attention. With this power over the reader, it is hard for them to seek and find fault in your writing.

Poor writing is weak on information; expensive on hints, cheap at specifics. Their works lack a clear thesis and is rarely educational. Instead they just put words together to come up with sentences that bewilder the reader.

Secondly, better writing comes with ignoring the reader. This does not necessarily mean that you commit general mistakes in your writing. It means that the writing should at least be relevant and meaningful to you. Most people pay too much emphasis on the reader that they miss the bigger picture. Their main goal changes from driving a point home to impressing the reader and this, contributes to poor writing altogether primarily because different readers have different preferences and impressing them all is almost unachievable. A good writer focuses on the subject topic instead.

A good writer is one who understands his/her strengths and weaknesses. They know what areas they are weak in when it comes to writing and have different remedies for the same. They reflect on what they know and are never hesitant to gain more information about good writing from other sources. To them, learning is a continuous process and one cannot have enough information about good writing. Every learning opportunity is utilized to the fullest knowing that even the best can be made better CITATION Ric01 \l 1033 (Harrison).

Finally, good writing is classified as that which the reader understands and can relate to. One does not have to necessarily use big words and vocabularies that will send the reader to the dictionary every now and then. Big words have a way of darkening the circles of the reader and most readers will avoid writings which they find difficult to understand. Small and simple words that the reader can connect to are like sparkles in a dark night. They light the way of the reader and lead him home safe and sound. Short simple words are friendly and do not trouble the reader in the least. However, where a writer feels that a vocabulary can best be applied at a certain point in his/her writing; they should not feel inclined to do so CITATION Hen26 \l 1033 (Canby).

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