William Henry Harrison: Leadership Essay Sample

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William Henry Harrison is the 9th president of the United States of America like and any other leadership; he had his own experience in the office. He happened to serve as the shorted sitting president in the history of America. William served in office for only a month after his formal inauguration. He was a son to a singer having being born in 9th February 1773in Charles City Country, Virginia. It is also recorded that William was the oldest president in the history of America. Though he served for only a month in office, William was a great American, and he identified as for greatest leaders and persons in the history of United States of America.

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William was nicknamed "Old Tippecanoe" and Old Tip" because of his knowledge in Indian fighting. William rests as the leader who seemingly actively campaign for his election to office, the election slogan that he used was "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too." The essay, therefore, will present the great personality of William Henry Harrison despite serving in the office for a short term and also the fact that he was killed as president.

Today, although William Henry Harrison holds the record for being the shortest serving president, he is one of the greatest and famous Americans in his time. Like it is for many leaders, especially in the 19th century, William rose to fortune and fame by being a general. After the demise of his father in 1791, Harrison joined the army having worked in the field of medicine. William server for seven years while in the army. He was a soldier in America in the early times. During the battle that was on the Great Miami River, William participated which led to a plan that led to the American victory. He saw the signing of the treaty that was in Greenville.

Afterward, William was promoted to be captain and was the commanding officer in the Fort of Washington, Ohio. He happened to meet his wife while in the Fort, Anna Symmes. William sired ten kids, six of whom were boys and the other four girls. One of the sons, John Scott Harrison, happened to be the dad of Benjamin Harrison, who later became the 23rd leader of America. It was in 1800. More afterward William was pronounced the secretary of Northwest Territory and later on happened to be the governor of Indiana territory where he was a general. While the governor of Indiana, William demanded the inoculation of the American Indians against smallpox and forbade them from buying liquor.

William served an as good leader in his posts, and in the interest of the greater America. He saw the negotiation of a treaty alongside leaders of India which settlers acquire nearly 2, 900, 00 acres of the American land. This move, however, did not please many Indians and thus saw them unite with the Tecumseh to rise against the settlers where the battle later got referred to as the Battle of Tippecanoe. (1811). During the Great War of 1812, William got appointed as the major general in the war of Thames in Canada's Ontario. William again decided to resign his duties in the army; this was after he quarreled with the secretary of war. After his resignation in the army, William decided to stay in North Bend, Ohio on a farm.

William gained strong qualities of leadership while serving in the army as general and that enabled him elected to be a member of the House of Representatives. While he was a representative, Charges were arraigned on him by the unnecessary expenditure of public funds. The charges, however, were later dropped because it was found that they were wrong and he was clean. Willliam got elected as the Senate to stand for the people of Ohia after getting not guilty with the case pertaining embezzlement of funds. Again William resigned as senator of Ohio in 1828 and resulted in accepting an appointment to him by John Quincy in the US. (Collins et al.17)

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