3 Types of Stress: Acute, Episodic Acute & Chronic. Tips for Management - Essay Sample

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There are various types of stress. Stress can either be acute, episodic acuter or chronic stress. Students are faced with all the three types of stress and the key to managing stress is to first understand the type of stress one is facing before deciding how to manage and prevent stress. Acute stress is because of the body's reaction to new struggles, changes or unexpected events in the life of an individual such as pressures at work, family problems, or sicknesses and is often associated with the post-traumatic stress disorders. the episodic acute stress is continuous stress and is mostly associated with regular events such as exams. The chronic stress, on the other hand, refers to lost lasting stress associated with life events such as poverty, relationships and occupation. Stress is major risk factors to several other health problems including heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, accidents and suicide.

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There is a significant correlation between stress and emotional unavailability. The stress is caused by personal issues and emotional stress is what kills the romance. Emotional stress can prevent one from connecting with others either socially or intimately and this affects the people's ability to reason properly. Stressed people are evasive, inept and are likely to make excuses. They do not like to discuss their feelings or talk about their relationships.

There are several strategies steps that one can take to manage stress. The fir6st step is to identify the stressors in one's life and learn how to react to the stresses effectively. Stress is caused by one's inappropriate reaction to changes in one's life. If it is caused by life's changes then it is appropriate to changes the way one reacts to propels (Richardson & Josty, 2019). Proactive response to stress in life can help one manage stress and overcome stress more that reactive response. Proactive people are mentally prepared for any outcome in life despite having higher expectations (Ha, 2018). The second steps are to learn when to hold and when to let go. People often find themselves stressed when they fail to let go of the difficult situations. Knowing one's limits can help in knowing what one can achieve and that which one can not achieve (Ha, 2018). Knowing one's limits can help one avoid stress by not wasting time in futile pursuits that would lead to stress due to failure. Understanding that the outcomes may to always be favorable can help one overcome stress. Changing behaviors and cultures is also advised. Those activities or behaviors that creates the emotional distances should be dropped.

To become emotionally available, it is important to develop trust in other people's ability and their capacity to care and love unconditionally. Most people are emotionally unavailable because they have developed hatred for the other parties while some have been engaged in very demanding jobs or activities that exhaust them (Richardson & Josty, 2019). Extramarital affairs or demanding jobs may take one's priority thereby occupying their minds. If one hears complaints of emotional unamiability, then it is important to reconsider one's priorities and take a calculated risk.


In conclusion, there is no better way to overcome stress and emotional unavailability that effective communication. It is important to communicate one's fears, regrets, plans or priorities with the people in the immediate environment whether one's siblings' coworkers or partner. Developing a climate of trust can make it easy for one to share his or her personal problems knowing that the people will not be judgmental. Good communication can help the stressed person find an effective solution to personal probes causing emotional unavailability. Talking about feelings in relationships is important because it helps the partner better understand and develop the right responses that will not be misconstrued. It is important to develop working relationships and continuously work on relationships every day to make it stronger. This way, the partner becomes a priority and no other engagements which makes it easy for partners to discuss sensitive topics.


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