A Day to Remember - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-09-14

Detained as a captive to degeneracy I knelt, bound over and tied, and waited for the homemade bombs to detonate. How can I forget the mixture of the fragrant pines and the odor of vomit ensnared under the cloth that had gagged me? I recall hearing the whooshing and the swishing of the plane above the Times Tower as I scampered in keeping up with my aunt who was a secretary of the prestigious Charsley firm. The 9/11 attack remains etched in my mind, and despite the many years that have passed, I still get the occasional nightmare. The blinding light followed by the deafening silence is a thing that will forever remain stuck on my mind especially with the everyday promise of the night making the experience to become more and more real.

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In my eight-year-old life, I had never imagined myself to be a statistic that would have been taken as a reminder of the deep entrenchments that religiosity will have on the world if it is not regulated. I had often heard about terrorist attacks and seen the massive destruction that the ill-fated plans often left to the masses, but I would have never anticipated that I was soon to be their victim. As the heavy thuds of the jungle, boots came in our way the shelves suddenly seemed too small to hide in and the air insufficient for my breathing. All I remember is the nozzle of the gun pointed at my aunt's head, and then I passed out.

One would be compelled to imagine that the description was one that I had extracted straight from a blockbuster movie. The actions and the incapacitation that the people had during the attack shed to me the importance of ensuring that there are important security measures that one should put into consideration.

The cold butt of the nozzle that was later pointed at me amidst screams and pleas from my aunt to spare me and take her instead. The suggestion did not sit well with the terrorists, and they ended head-butting her as a strategy to silence her. Sometimes I feel as if there is no concrete way to discuss the despair and the desperation that the few hours had rendered in me. The immobility and the subsequent fear has been one of the things that continue to cripple my functionality, and sometimes I become averse to entering tall buildings.

As much as I have had to battle with my demons, I still am smugly satisfied with the events of the 9/11 since the attack accelerated the search for the lead terrorist; Osama Bin Laden. Many people were robbed of their promising lives and deprived of their right to live, and i know that I was lucky to have lived to tell the tale. The people who died from the attack were robbed of their natural death that would have been much easier for the families if they had been around during their passing on. The terrorists took away their dignity of dying painlessly; the very standard mercy that even the scum of the earth such as convicted killers is awarded during their time of death. The events of that day continue to affect the country, and the survivors of the attack will forever have the events of that fateful day stuck in their minds. I am not an exception, and the 9/11 attack will forever remain ingrained in my mind.

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