Essay Sample on Independence of America

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Date:  2022-09-06


Independence of the American nation is necessary if we are to stand on our own and govern ourselves without facing injustices. We all know that if we come together as inhabitants, we can be able to form a formidable force enough to revolt a nation governing us miles away. One thing that is evident is the little representation that we as colonists get in the British parliament. Unjust treatment of the colonists by Great Britain is one of the main reasons why we should form a government that respects our individual's rights.

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Paine in his book common sense noticed how poorly the inhabitants of America are treated by the British and that he advocated for change in the design of government which could only be achieved through independence. As colonists it prudent we see sense in deciding who leads and has our best interests at heart. The British are just concerned at making us its subjects while denying us the right to participate in legislation. The British monarch is one obstacle to the American inhabitants gaining it's since it focuses on the hereditary form of leadership (Shea, 2018). According to Paine common sense power should be given to the people who they should elect an individual they find fit to lead. By remaining British colonies, we shall never get an opportunity to exercise the right to pick competent leaders who can drive the American nation to prosperity while suffering under the hereditary rule.

Paine also proposes the independence of America especially in dealing with its affairs. Doing things on our own must be our ultimate goal as colonies so that we get an opportunity to build our future as a nation. It is common knowledge that British every single affair about our country and thus with independence we can be able to address many difficulties we are facing at the moment (Shea, 2018).

Common sense by Thomas Paine in one of his themes advocates for us to be independent and run things on our own (Shea, 2018). This could make sense to many folks, but it might bring a lot of damage to our nation. Despite the urge to stand on ourselves that many patriots of our great country are so focused on it is important to note that this fight for independence is not necessary as it brings more harm than good. According to Charles Inglis, the benefits of remaining loyal to the British monarchy outweighs those of fighting for independence. American colonies avoiding the confrontation with our masters will lead to many lives being saved. This differences we have can be sorted out amicably without endangering the ties that we share.

Inglis describes peace as like health, and without it, we are indeed doomed(, 2018). Reconciliation with the British will bring in calmness and do away with any form of anxiety that is most likely to cause interruption. Colonies thus must think of the benefits first before deciding to go into full war against the British in the name of independence as Paine suggests.

Colonies must also know that trade is an integral part of lives and cutting ties with Britain means we are going to lose the market for our produce. By championing to kick away the British rule from our land, Paine fails to recognize the losses that might befall many of our farmers. The future is also bleak because as colonies we are a bit divided and this might generate into chaos in future if we triumph over the British(, 2018).

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