A Senior Coach Experience: Training College Soccer Goalie

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Games are typically excellent activities that most people worldwide fancy. People have different ideologies when they take part in various sporting. Some play for enjoyment, relaxation, relieving stress and to some people, it serves as a career for personal development. There are different categories of sports and encompasses; football, volleyball, hockey, Netball, basketball, athletes among others. Out of all this, a fascinating type of games is football. Football has the highest number of spectators. Both the players and the fanatics on several occasions have gone moody and to an extent, some committing suicide because their teams got defeated of lost. Others cry like toddlers and if they are intimidated they get so hostile and aggressive thus fighting back. In reality, sporting makes people get good health, and it has been noted to prevent some diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and other defects such as reduction cases related to obesity.

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I am a senior coach in the college soccer team. Being a top coach on the football team, I have had enough sweet moments, challenges, and at the same time relevant experiences that I acquire during the process of the coaching and due to diversity. I am one person who doesn't believe in defeat; I always aspire to win in my games. The most paramount anyone in the team is the goalkeeper and to ensure that I sustain careless goals. I give him an outstanding training and maximum concentration during the training session on the strength and conditioning processes. To harden them, because they are four in the team. Usually, I give them devastating field practices. There are different methods that I usually use for training them. I incorporate yoga as one among the core training techniques. Yoga involves various physical activities that enable them to get strengthened, and it also makes physically fit the training as it requires quite simple logistics.

The training process usually begins with secure and manageable activities that are basic. While conducting my training, the players train on their own and similarly the goalkeepers. In the beginning, all players have run around the field for ten laps including the goalie. Then they assemble on the ground and separate themselves with the players doing their training and the goalie on the other side doing the same. Handling of the ball is the main point of focus to a goalie, and therefore, I usually provide them with three balls for the training purposes. The primary reason of training them is to eliminate the problem of muscle fatigue or muscle cramps which are associated with the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle due to limited training. The problem may come in place when more than two games are played on a single day, and the goalkeeper has not done enough practice. The intensive training helps to eliminate fatigue.

The goalkeepers usually undergo the training as follows; initially, in the preliminaries, they perform twenty sit-ups. Thirty press-ups, frog jumping for a length of 50 meters to and from which accounts for a hundred meters, and the run-ups; these activities are meant to provide maximum body flexibility and prepare the body for the major training. The objective of the training is to give room for the proper functioning of the body and to enhance confidence in handling the ball while in action in a goal box. The training seems harsh to undertake, especially to new recruits, but with time they adopt the system. In most cases, the training gets done on the plateau ground on the football pitch. Such places give an excellent exposes the goalie to the relative environment where they familiarize with the primary areas of interest and utilization.

The training is a cycling event based on the schedule of the month. In the first week, I usually ensure that the goalie is oriented on the training techniques that they should employ and adhere to during the training program. I use the whiteboard to illustrate this, I draw the field and identify how the different goal kicks emanate toward the goal and how the balls could be prevented from scoring a goal. I make them feel psychological, emotionally and physiologically ready to participate in the training and serves as a prerequisite to grasping the techniques quickly.

In the second week, there is weight reduction and muscle building period. The goalie is engaged in a challenging, stress producing and energy demanding tests. For instance, the goalie carries each other on their backs and walk a distance of ten meters fourth and then back. They then exchange on reaching the end and the other goalies takes the first goalie the same distance in the same way. When they get done with the event, they undergo press-ups of different kinds. They go for twenty tiger press-ups. In this case, they use their fingers only in making contact with the ground and their toes on the feet. They lift their body weight up and then down consecutively twenty times as I count and also determining the frequency of their movement. They take a very short break of two minutes rest then they go for another kind of the press-ups. In this type of the press-ups, one goalie seats down on his thighs and folds his legs as if squatting then the other goalie holds his hands on the thighs of the seated player and commence making press-ups with his chest touching the feet of the seated goalkeeper. He repeats this for ten times, and he seats down and does the same for the other goalie to do the same thing. The activity is done to open up the things and ensure smooth and flexible ball handling by use of the leg rather than the hands.

For improved functional strength and conditional workout of the goalies, tactical physique gets employed for the building of their body strength and capabilities. It is usually a five-day program and involves, supersets, exercises which are full, conditioned work and body weight enhancement. The plan for the training is as follows; Foam rolling or massaging on the areas such as the quads, hams, hip and the shoulders. It followed by the goalkeepers partaking a dynamic warm-up which will get done before each session of the practical field self-trials. When they accomplish this, they go for twenty push-ups reps, ten burpees reps, twenty paces of walking lunges, ten inverted rows and finally ten reps each side of side lunges done by swing the body from right to the left without the waist turning.

Dynamic warm ups are very effective in ensuring risks of injuries during the general performance. It also reduces incidences of fractures that may get encountered. At hand, I also possess a first Aid kit for medication in case there are injuries encountered in training. For this training, the goalie's jog for five minutes. That is, they sprint with a moderate pace as if not running or moving like as is they have been forced to do so. Then they undertake 20 knee hugs. They do this event by standing in an upright position then, they hold their necks with both hands and move the head until it touches the knees without flexing the knees. They run twenty times on one side and then turn over twenty times, on the other hand, totaling to forty times. After this, they sit down horizontally on the ground and then straighten their legs. The same way they hold their feet, and then they move their heads towards the knees which remain flat on the ground beginning with the left-hand side and finally the right-hand side for ten times. What follows is five minutes of high knees run, then 3 minutes of butt kicker run, ten jumping jacks, ten squats followed by ten lunges five on either side, plank for 2 minutes, and side planks for a minute on either side also. Ten shoulders roll an equivalent of 5 on either side, five trunk twists on either side and then finalized jogging for two minutes.

In the conditioning process, I do employ the metabolic conditioning process at the end of the training session. The metabolic conditioning method targets to make improvements on metabolism and post workouts. It ensures that burning of the fats is efficient, gives a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular health and it will help in the taking away of the trudging within a very short time on the treadmill. Lack of this essential activity to the goalies is accompanied by the burning of the legs, aching of the lungs, and inability to continue with the event.

With my athletes, I usually end the training with various metabolic conditioning phenomena, and these are; KB+B, in this case about four to five rounds of burpees and kettlebell swings get done. In the process, I alternate the two exercises in between. About fifteen to twenty burpees are done then followed with fifteen to twenty kettle swings giving an allowance of one-minute rest between the two rounds. Secondly is the drop and give me five events which incorporates five-minute maximum effort burpees. Thirdly, is the blackjack with about five rounds of 15 push ups, 9 pull ups and 21 squats of body weight?

To the goalies, I subject them to the different ways of catching the ball. I pick the ball and then focus on one goaler. I through the ball on the furthest end of either side with the aim of making the goalie to pounce on the ball and retrieve the ball to me. I do the activity repeatedly and making the goalies move from one side to the other. Then I do the same to the next goalie until all done for at least 50 times each. I then go ahead and divide my team into two groups for a trial match. I pick two goalies for each team and the remaining two serves as substitutes. The main agenda is to analyze and evaluate if the skills learned by the goalie during the training season is applied. Whoever will get scored more goals will be liable for a more intense and severe punishment. The punishment is a repetition of the practice.

Finally, I subject the players to the handling of the balls in penalties. In penalties a put one goalkeeper at a time in the goal to catch a goal kick from a player. I put the ball in a penalty box then I call upon one of the goalkeepers to get in the goal then pick players to score the goalie. What I observe here most is the ability to dive. I exchange the goalkeeper until all the players get done. I finally test on the goalie. That is, a goalkeeper scoring a fellow goalie. With this done I present my team for the real match having promising hopes with my goalie that I have trained.

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