A Womans Dilemma Between Family Matters and Carrier Case Analysis Plan

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Date:  2021-05-21

A. Gather as much relevant information as possible.

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The problem in this case is a womans dilemma between family matters and her carrier. Cynthia who is a housewife is depressed because her husband could not allow her pursue her career by going back to school. She is not feeling well because she feels being a housewife may have stifled her in regards to developing her career path.

B. Think about the issues related to all stake-holders.

The stakeholders involved here are Cynthia, the husband to Cynthia, her children as well as the Counselor. They all have interest or are involved in this case in one way or another.

C. Clarify if the problem is legal, moral, ethical or a combination.

The problem is a combination; it can be pursued in a court of law under a suit of divorce. It has a moral aspect since the pastor is involved and the pastors response indicates that family matters should be put first. The pastor pointed out her obligations as a mother and a wife. It is to some extent an ethical perspective since it deals with an aspect of right and wrong. She feels it could be wrong to pursue her career and abandon her children.

D. Remember the ethical issue belongs to the Human Services Worker not the client.

Ethical issue belongs to the Human Service Worker but in this case she is not employed and can be viewed in terms of what is right and wrong for her to do in order not to hurt her children, her husband as well as her visions and desire.

2. Identify the Potential Issues Involved

Potential issue would entail the prospective challenges and matter that may arise. One, there would be emotional issues involved with the children who may miss their mother once she starts school, or get emotionally broken if the divorce proceeds. There would be tedious court case if they pursue a divorce suit and maybe child custody suit.

A. List and describe the critical issues.

The critical issue in this case is the aspect of the husband threatening for a divorce once she goes ahead with her plans. This matter is serious and may cause acute depression to Cynthia who is in terrible sense of dilemma.

B. Evaluate the rights, responsibilities and welfare of those affected by the decision.

The children would be affected more if the decision of pursuing her career is established. At the moment, since she decided to postpone her dreams as the counselor and pastor advised, she is the one facing much of the challenges. Her right is infringed upon by her husband who she refused that she cannot follow her dreams. This is wrong as denying someone access to education is an infringement on their rights. The husband may be termed as an insensitive person who does not have interest for every person in the family.

C. Consider basic moral principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice.

Identify any competing principles.

The theories can at some point conflict since they may not provide a proper framework for decision-making to resolve the conflicts and dilemma identified in this scenario.

D. Ascertain the potential dangers/issues for the individual, family, organization.

The potential danger for the family is family disintegration. This may be caused by the divorce if the woman goes for her dreams or even a more emotionally disturbed family if the woman lives with the guilt of staying with an inconsiderate husband. To individual, Cynthia would live a life full of doubts about her husbands love for her. There is also the danger of intensive legal duels that may be costly and may lead to family losing its fabric and fundamental principles upon which it is built.

3. Review the Human Services Code of Ethics (available at nationalhumanservics.org then dropdown about)

Read through the code carefully. Pick out 4-5 of the most relevant statements to this issue and explain how they are the most applicable in this situation.

Note that the code has major Sections such as Responsibility to Self and specific Statements such as

STATEMENT 12 Human service professionals understand the complex interaction between individuals, their families, the communities in which they live, and society.

You should address 4-5 Statements.

STANDARD 34 Human service professionals are aware of their own cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values, and biases. They recognize the potential impact of their backgrounds on their relationships with others and work diligently to provide culturally competent service to all of their clients.

This statement is applicable in this scenario since the woman should be advised to hold on to her values, beliefs and should pursue them. She should also work towards establishing a career path to enable her relate with others in the society.

STANDARD 35 Human service professionals strive to develop and maintain healthy personal growth to ensure that they are capable of giving optimal services to clients. When they find that they are physically, emotionally, psychologically, or otherwise not able to offer such services, they identify alternative services for clients.

This statement is relevant for this course since the counselor was moved by the womans emotional challenges; he based his analysis on the womans situation and drew his conclusion by advising her to postpone her goals in life. He is in this case not maintaining a healthy professional growth as this is a matter of infringement of human rights by the husband.

STANDARD 36 Human service professionals hold a commitment to lifelong learning and continually advance their knowledge and skills to serve clients more effectively.

Cynthia is not a professional at this point since she is just a wife, but still the statement is relevant in order for her to try think through her dilemma carefully, because she stated that she has not been at peace being a housewife. She needs to hold on to a lifelong learning as well as advance her knowledge to ensure that she is empowered and can fend for herself.

STANDARD 16 Human service professionals advocate for social justice and seek to eliminate oppression. They raise awareness of underserved population in their communities and with the legislative system.

This statement is relevant to the counselor who failed to advocate for the social justice of Cynthia and failed to eliminate oppression. The counselor ought to have summoned the husband and talk to him to allow Cynthia study failure to which the full force of the law to take its course.

4. Evaluate Potential Courses of Action

There are a number of channels of actions that can be pursued as far as this case is concerned.

A. Brainstorm ideas.

There is a notion of pursuing a court injunction to stop the husband from oppressing the wife, secondly, there is need to call both (Cynthia and her husband) to a more informal meeting to talk their issue and try solving them with the help of the pastor or the counselor. There is also a bad approach of Cynthia following her heart to study without caring about the husband and the childrens interests, of which a divorce would occur.

B. Enumerate the outcomes of various decisions.

In the course of court injunction, there would be a long legal battle between the two; this is due to the husbands attitude judging from the scenario. The husband may not take it lightly since he may be sued for infringing on her wives rights by denying her education. The wife would also be sued by the husband for abandoning her duties as a wife and attempt to ignore her responsibilities as a mother.

In the second decision of calling the two for a more informal conflict resolution meeting, it is the best idea. Both parties would find a platform of sharing their notions as far as family matters are concerned. The children would benefit a great deal since there would be an amicable channel of solving this conflict. The husband would be towed down by the pastor in case he gets the bad attitude in the session. They would rejuvenate their love and friendship as partners.

Finally, going for her dreams without being sensitive of her husband would attract chaos in the family. The children would be the biggest losers as they get emotional breakdown. Cynthia would also get the guilt in her for abandoning her young children to study.

C. Consider the consequences of inaction.

If the woman, pastor as well as the counsel does nothing about this situation, there would be more harm to Cynthia. She is a woman with goals and dreams to achieve and she cannot just sit back and watch her dreams fade away. She has to do something about it. She may end up staying as a house wife for the rest of her life.

5. Obtain Consultation

It is a right for one to ask and be granted if they request for it. Consultations are a fundamental channel in managing risks as well as dangers.

A. Colleagues or a supervisor can add an outside perspective. Its a serious warning sign if you dont want to talk to another person about actions you are contemplating.

In this scenario, Cynthia should obtain consultations from relevant authorities since she is undergoing through depression. Depression can become acute if not handled in many cases. She is to obtain more consultation from human rights organizations if the counselor is not helping her achieve a level ground for her to manage her depression.

B. You must be able to justify a course of action based on sound reasoning which you can test out in the consultation.

A course of action that is sound should be based on proper reasoning. This should take its course from various perspectives, legal, moral, ethical and many more. The ultimate decision lies with her to make, she can decide to engage her husband in good talks but whichever way she goes it should be in the best interest of the children, her husband as well as her interests and desires in life.

6. Determine the Best Course of Action

The best course of actions taking into consideration the possible outcomes that may emerge due to each decision is the meeting with the pastor or the counselor for more casual talks with an agenda of conflict resolutions.

A. Map out the best way to resolve the problem (e.g., who should be contacted first if multiple parties are involved? Do you need outside support? Do you need to talk to a supervisor?). Do you need additional information?

The outside support is fundamental in this scenario as it will go a long way in safeguarding the interest of all stakeholders. The Woman should be contacted first by the outside parties possibly a pastor or a better counselor.

Additional information would not be necessary for this matter unless the attitude of the husband remains to be that which is harsh, uncooperative and unresponsive

B. Then consider who, if anyone should know about the problem (such as a work supervisor, friend, administrator or colleague).

The person that would know about this problem should be the next of kin of both the parties. They should be informed out of the will of the two parties. They should choose who to be informed as this is a sensitive matter that affects the family directly.

7. Determine how you will know whether you made the best decision given the information.

How I will know whether I made the best decision for this case is based on the possible outcomes. It entails situational analysis and deriving the possible outcomes of the chosen decisions. The positive impacts as well as negative impacts are weighed for all the decisions made.

What criteria will you use to determine whether the outcome was ethical and served the needs of those involved?

To determine whether the outcome was ethical as well as to identify whether it served the interests of all, a follow up activity should made possible to assess the changes that occurred after the decision made. This also requires a situational analysis of the status of all stakeholders involved.

8. H...

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