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Municipality C is a community on the west side of Arizona. It has a population of 500,000 people and covers an area of 450 km2. It has a shopping center at the center where most families get their groceries and other household items. The majority of the people are working class and have one or two families. However, there is a section of the ultra-rich and also a region where impoverished households. The majority of the people are whites, and they make up to 95% of the population. The second largest is the Hispanic who account for 2% of the population.

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The African American constitute o.o5% while the Asians are 0.03%. Fifty percent of the population is between 18-65 years while 35% of the population is above 65 years. Only 5% of the population is below five years old. In recent times, the shopping center has attracted investors, and as a result, the community has drastically increased. The number of cases about damaged property and burglary has also risen. The public asserts that the damage is caused by teenagers, especially from high school. Some are doing it for fun while some are doing it due to poverty and the influence of drugs.

Implementation Plan

The police force ought to visit the affected families and take note of their version of the story. The data collected should be backed up with the findings of the investigation. When the study confirms that the teenagers are behind the incidents, the police force should cooperate with the community into understanding the cause. Measures such as the search for drugs in high school and the city should be implanted, and then an assessment should be done to see whether the tests were successful in controlling the crime.

Communicating With the Community

One ideal way of reaching out to the community is holding a local meeting and ensure the administrators of the local town attend. In such a meeting, the police force should communicate their concerns, listen to the public and talk about the strategies they are going to take.

Another way is by having a website where news about the concerns of the public is addressed. The site that has a platform for the public to leave comments will allow the police to know the issues they are facing and will also help in assessing whether the problem persists or not.

The Collaboration of the Local and State Law Enforcement

The partnership between all stakeholders of the law enforcement is crucial in ensuring crime is reduced. When the local, federal and state law enforcement collaborate, they can pool resources hence the process of analyzing and handling criminal cases become efficient. The sharing of information helps in making the investigations faster.

i) What is the scanning, examine, response, and assessment (SARA) model- the SARA model has been used for a long time by the law enforcement agencies to help in criminal investigations. The models involve the following aspects.

Scanning- this I the process by which the investigators search for the significant problems which are facing the public and the police. After that, an analysis process begins when the investigators start to collect the relevant information concerning the issue and the conditions under which it exists. It then proceeds into the response phase were the investigators search for alternatives of responding to the problem and how other communities are coping with the issue. When the right strategy is found, they execute it. The final part is the assessment part. In this part, the response method is evaluated and determined if it attained its objective.

Application of SARA in Community Policing

The SARA model has been used for decades in policing communities. The police officers play a crucial role in collecting the issues in the city, determining their causes and pooling resources to respond to the point. The police search for the main problem then analyzes its causes. They then search for a suitable way of dealing with the issue. When their strategies are implemented, the assess its success. One place where the SARA model was not used and led to a failure in security is Metro city. It has two neighborhood has two zones: one for low-income earner and high-income earners. When the country had an economic crisis in the 2007/2008, the distinction brought tension in the area, and as a result, people started to evacuate the area. The city had become unsafe for rich families. A SARA model could have mitigated such a scenario.

Use of the SARA Model in Every Jurisdiction

SARA model is a crucial strategy that ought to be implemented in every municipality. Critics say that its costly to the police force, it consumes a lot of time, mental effort, and it needs a lot of financing. However, the cost of insecurity is more than the value of the model. However, the approaches to implementing the model ought to differ in every jurisdiction. Every jurisdiction has different problems, and their magnitude varies. Therefore, law enforcement will probably come up with different strategies.

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