Paper Example on Nursing Professional Identity

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Date:  2022-10-04


In the practice of nursing and healthcare delivery, the primary purpose of professionality ensures that a direct and clinically safe condition for the nursing practice. On the other hand, for an occupational group to attain regard as a profession, it must equally ensure there is a provision of services to the public that the community renders valuable, either because of its intrinsic value or because it is necessary that the society acquires the services. For example, in the case, if health care and nursing, it is held by everyone in the organization as a to be a higher value and it is necessary. As a result, it creates the need to make it a profession. Similarly, whenever an occupational group is regarded as a profession, it means the promotion of financial value, power, social prestige as well as recognition which are some of the reasons as to why an occupational group would want the society to regard is as a profession. Also, the professionality comes with power not only ensure the regulation of the occupational group and the community as a whole together with maintaining proper regulation of power. In other occurrences, professionals help the creation of better condition which is essential especially in nursing thus an underlying need as to why an occupational group would want the public to perceive it as a profession (Andrew, 2012).

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Leadership Styles Influence to Nursings' Expression of Professional Identity and Associated Power

With the benefits that come along with professional identity and associated power, different occurrences render an influence to there expression. For instance, different leadership styles render a major influence especially in the expression of nursings' professional identity. Under the activities of the varying leadership styles, such as the transformational leadership style, it relies on the influence which would involve idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation as well as individualized consideration. With such, it influences the nursings' expression of professional identity and associated power by ensuring a positive development as well as an impact in the society.

Moreover, the transactional leadership style which focuses on performance, evaluation, and supervision it delivers an influence to the nursings' expression of professional identity. For example, it promotes compliance through events of rewards and punishment that are an integral part of the association of leadership and nursing as a profession. It appraises the professionality associated power by delivering a positive impact. Correspondingly, the passive leadership styles might also influence the expression of nursings' professional identity depending on the utilization which might render negative or positive impacts. According to Wuerz (2017), there is a need for professionalism in nursing. Also, Wuerz (2017) adds that leadership styles might influence nursing not only by ensuring social change but also shaping the future of the nursing discipline as well and boosting associated power.

Promotion of Advocacy Through Nursing Professional Identity

Since the nurse's professionalism is based on personal presentation, I would use my professional identity as a nurse to promote advocacy in the future by utilizing the acquired learning values. Advocacy is the core of nursing. I could encourage advocacy by creating healthy relationships in the course of nursing practice which a vital role especially in the strive to maintain the development in nursing. Also, I would ensure the creation of proper collaborative and influence on health care through other individuals such as my workmates and the patients as well (Tomajan, 2012).


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