Achieve Effective Learning With Rubric-Based Assessment - Essay Sample

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Effective learning can be achieved by setting up criteria for assessment in regards to the contents of a lesson. A rubric is known to be the best tool for evaluation that is used by teachers and academicians at large to establish standards for assignments. A rubric as a standard tool for assessment is not only essential for teachers but also even for learners because it presents to the learner what is expected of them to achieve a specific set grade for a particular assignment. A good example is a rubric that is designed for an essay which the student might use as a guide realizing that the piece will be assessed based on some qualities such as the organization of the work, the use of language and even if the essay communicates its purpose. Therefore, a rubric scale that meets the standard measures should also be able to describe the levels of quality for each of the criteria which may be expressed as various ratings from the one considered the least to the most. For instance, it could range from sparse, good, average to excellent or it could be based on numerical scores depending on the marks awarded by the teacher.

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The fundamental reason that justifies why teachers use rubrics is to support learning. The use of rubrics enhances the efficient assessment of students' assignments with adequate consistency. The use of rubrics also enables the students' work more objective and much more straightforward. Therefore, whenever a teacher grades an assignment as excellent, they know and are capable of justifying what constitutes to the excellence of a particular task or even why a specific task could be marked as below average and needs improvement. Additionally, rubrics also help teachers to evaluate the performance of students in circumstances that nearly replicate life realities rather than any isolated evaluation. Consequently, rubrics are essential for the assessment of student performance as they help the teachers to focus their attention on the fundamental ideas that the students must cover in their academic works.

Teachers also use rubrics because it helps them provide the necessary scaffolding to enhance the performance of students by establishing a basis of evaluation hence increasing the knowledgeability of the students.Consequently, one rubric can also be used for the assessment of various assignments, therefore, saving on the workload of teachers. Further, rubrics can also be considered beneficial in the evaluation of performance of learners as they enable the teachers to differentiate and take into diverse record classes by providing a wide range of quality levels hence the flexibility to be used with various types of learners. On the other hand, rubrics also acquaint students with the idea of what is expected of them as the rubric provides them with concrete guidelines of what will constitute to the best in that particular assignment. Teachers also use rubrics because they equip students with adequate information concerning the extent to which a particular learning outcome has been accomplished.

Additionally, teachers use rubrics to provide learners with ideal outcomes that show the areas of strength as well as the areas of weakness. Thus, students can use the feedback to develop their abilities. Consequently, rubrics encourage the learners to synthesize their ideas as well as about their measures by evaluating their input in an assignment to realize how it merges with the criterion provided in the rubric. Generally, teachers equip their learners with thinking processes that can be considered to be their higher-level thinking abilities. Lastly, it is essential to note that teachers use rubrics as a communication tool between them and the students because it outlays the expectations and presents the specific learning objectives for a particular exercise. The significance of using rubrics to outline the purposes of an assignment is that teachers can easily monitor the performance of the learners and make comparison.

As a student, I can use rubrics to my advantage in various ways to help me learn and achieve my academic goals. Rubrics would help me learn by clarifying what is expected of me because it would interpret grading by clearly stating a comprehensible set standard for performance together with each level of performance. A rubric would also help me realize the sense that learning is about the achievement of a set of objectives and gaining particular skills which can either be related to academics or even problem-solving skills in real life. Additionally, rubrics help me as an individual learner by presenting me with the opportunity to engage in self-evaluation to reflect on the learning process. Just like a rubric is essential to a teacher, so it is to me as a student because it enables me to way to evaluate the quality of my work. Generally, a rubric helps me to figure out what is expected of me in a particular assignment, therefore, equipping me with the knowledge of what I have learned as a student and how well I have gained it by being able to meet the criteria of the rubric.


In summary, rubrics are essential in the learning process as they set the criteria for evaluation hence contributing towards the achievement of practical learning that is objective. Even though a rubric is considered beneficial for the teacher in various ways, it is also equally significant for the student as it enables the learner to be responsible for their learning by being involved in their construction. Rubrics also enhance the awareness of students in regards to the processes and procedures, therefore, improving their meta-cognitive consciousness and enlightening their capacity to evaluate their work by using rubrics for self-assessment.

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