Achieving Success Through Goal Setting: My Journey - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


Setting goals is the first step in achieving any success. Goal setting is an activity that I am determined to spend time on because it gives me long-term and short-term motivation. It also provides me with the confidence I need to accomplish higher and complicated objectives. By setting goals and consistently reminding myself of them, I am motivated to work hard and accomplish them. It is imperative that I achieve certain goals in my life before I call them successful. Success is to attain the set goals. These goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. I have set SMART goals that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. Some of the goals are career-based; others are academic, whereas others are personal. My career-based goal is to own a transportation company. For academics, I am planning to have a degree in psychology, and traveling the world is my personal goal that I intend to achieve. The ways of achieving these goals will vary, although education, planning, capital, and focus are the significant approaches that will help me accomplish them.

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The first goal that I intend to accomplish is having a degree in psychology. Education is the most important aspect of this case. Therefore, to achieve this goal, I will have to enroll in a bachelor's degree in psychology at the University and attend complete the course. This will take the following steps: sitting for the university entrance exams, applying to universities through Admissions Service, sort out student finance, and enroll for the degree. I will also need to stay focused, manage my time correctly, work smartly, and be organized in my learning environment to attain the degree. Attaining a degree in psychology will acquaint me with the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the outside world. Education will also broaden my perspective, enhance my learning opportunities, prepare me in attaining my career goals, and achieve my lifelong dreams. This takes me to my next goal, which is to own a transportation company.

The second goal is to own a transportation company. Education, particularly a bachelor of psychology, will be valuable in achieving this goal. This degree will help me to understand human behavior, their needs, and wants in the transportation industry as well as their attitudes, thoughts, motivations, and interactions towards specific activities in the transport business. I have realized that success in this industry depends on the skills in interacting with and understanding people from diverse cultures. Having a degree in psychology will also help me design specific programs within the transport system that will enhance teamwork in the organization. Another way of achieving this goal is by deciding the specific transportation I would like to own. By doing so, I must understand the movement of people and goods and the preferred form of transport used by people in a particular region. I must also understand the market size and identify the target market before I venture into this business. Another way is to raise adequate capital to start the business. Having a bachelor's degree will provide me with sufficient knowledge of starting and operating a business. Basically, education will provide me with entrepreneurial skills accompanied by decision-making and problem solving skills to run the business.

The last goal is to travel the world. Once I own a transport business, I will have the opportunity to move around the world. In other words, I will achieve this goal by starting a transportation company. Another way of achieving this goal is through education. Education is the most significant element in traveling. It will enable me to interact appropriately with different people, understand them, and share ideas. Education will also provide me with effective communication skills and other skills that I will need to bond with individuals from diverse cultures. I will also achieve this goal by raising enough money to accommodate me during the travel. Travelling requires enough money to support self. The fund is useful for accommodation, transport, food, and any other activity during the journey. Another way to achieve this goal is by determining the appropriate means of transport. My transportation business will enable me to know the efficient means of transport I could use to travel around the world. Planning will also help me to accomplish this goal. It entails identifying the hospitable region to visit, managing my cash flow, determining the weather, checking public transit maps, searching out my hobbies at my destination, and packing my hand-free devices.


In conclusion, attaining my set goals requires the following fundamental elements; education, money, planning, and focus. Education is the primary element that applies to all three goals. I must go to University and complete a psychology course to attain a degree in Psychology. I must also have sufficient education to start up and own transportation business. As I mentioned in the above sections, education acquaints me with sufficient entrepreneurial, management, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. More specifically, having a degree in education will help me understand the behaviors of people, respect their culture, bond with them, and meet their needs in the transport sector. Education will also help me while achieving the goal of traveling because it strengthens my communication skills. It will be impossible to meet the objectives without adequate capital. I will need money to pay school fees, start-up a transportation business, and travel around the world. Planning and focus are also essential in achieving these goals. My goals are specific, measurable, attainable, real, and time-bound provided that I stay focused, plan adequately, and be enthusiastic about fulfilling them.

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