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Date:  2022-08-18


An academic journey is both a rewarding journey at the end and also one meant to be self-fulfilling for anyone who dares to plunge to its depth. Education offers not only a better chance to achieve a dream but also the opportunity to be part of a diverse culture that contributes to the development of personal and social virtues. For the past two years, the Austin Community College offered me the chance to pursue my dreams and ambitions of becoming a reputable accountant. My search for knowledge however does not begin in the United States of America but rather in the East Asian country of Taiwan.

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While studying there at the Holistic Education School, the virtues of striving were instilled in me from the get-go. The school not only sought to impart knowledge but also emphasized personal discipline alongside other personal virtues that have come to describe my personality and behavior over the years. Insistence on the holistic personal growth combined education with extra-curricular activities to ingrain self-determination and although I was more inclined towards academics, physical exercises became an important part of my schooling experience. The fact that participation by all students was compulsory meant that I had to get involved form very early on.

Physical exercises mostly involved hiking one mountain every academic year. Co-curricular activities proved to be engaging to students and cultivated a culture of social networking as everyone sought company and help in the endeavor. The easier route to the peak of the mountain was always the most logical path to follow and because of this reason attracted the largest number of participants trekking its way. For a change, with the blessing of the school, I joined others in trekking a harder course to the peak. After a grueling six-day hike which exhausted and led to many participants quitting altogether, I was part of a small group that had the satisfaction of making it to the peak. The success not only demonstrated my determination to seek perfection but also showed my strength of character.

Despite my glaring shortcomings when it comes to physical exercises, I was able to complete the task because of a sheer will to win coupled with a supportive group of teachers, friends and family. This particular event has had a lasting impression on me and emphasized to me what a dedicated and disciplined mind with a never say die attitude can achieve if set to the task. My family immigrated to the United States and I was privileged enough to attend Round Rock High School in Texas for two and a half years. Moving was not at all easy as I had to adapt to a new way of doing things compounded by the aspect of culture shock.

Nevertheless, the move gave me the opportunity to become not only resourceful but also adaptable to different environments as I learned to embrace the varied cultures that exist in a multicultural community. A love for adventure and travel ensured that I coped well and within a short period I felt comfortable expressing myself and interacting with members of the local community. I was recognized for my academic excellence while studying at the school and awarded an Excellence Award alongside an Honorable Mention. I graduated from Round Rock High School in May of 2016 and was subsequently admitted to Austin Community College for two years. The community college introduced me to tertiary education and for the first time I learned how to manage my reading time alongside other activities with the freedom that accompanies college.

While studying at the college, I was able to get involved in volunteer work as part of my service to the community. The experiences were self-fulfilling as well as educational and interactive. I signed up for a Christian youth association (Young Men's Christian Association) that had a volunteering program that encompassed social work, social-cultural exchange as well as youth leadership and empowerment. During my time as an active member, I tutored in a local elementary school at Dagupan City, Philippines where we constructed a school wall. At the end of my time at the community college I obtained a GPA score of 4.0. Upon graduation, I was admitted to the University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson. At the time, the university was the best available option considering tuition fees, location and general availability of space.

However, the university falls short of my expectation in a tertiary institution. Similar to my previous experiences, I yearn not only for academic excellence but also holistic personal growth. However, this time around my view on a holistic experience not only revolves around a fusion of academics and co-curricular activities but also a desire to be part of and experience a diverse student body with experienced and open tutors. I also want to combine a multidisciplinary education with bits and pieces from other fields of human endeavor that am of the opinion add value to my curriculum vitae such as the short course offered at the university part-time notably Certified Public Accounting (CPA). I believe your university offers this experience as many enrolled international tutors are plying their trade at the institution. The university also offers exchange programs as well as guaranteeing attachment opportunities that I believe form a cornerstone towards a more fulfilling career path and the opportunity to cultivate networks within my field.

I have in the meantime taken my queries to the professors and school administrators for further guidance and keen to listen to any advice they may offer at the University of Texas. To my disappointment, most tutors have simply swept the concerns I have raised under the carpet and given a wide berth to any ideas I may have. I have over time realized that the institution currently lacks the structural organization to listen to and respond to concerns expressed by students, much to my disappointment further cementing my decision to change the university. Although I am aware that I would still gain my college degree while studying here, I seek a better opportunity to achieve my goals of becoming an accountant in a university setup that will enhance my skill set as well as my experience of the world.


Given the above-stated information as well as reasons, I still hold the desire and conviction to transfer to the university that I feel and know holds the best chance for my career development alongside personal growth.

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