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Background of the Study

Every society and each renowned company has key people, with the flexibility to spot opportunities and to get the resources (economic, technical, and human) necessary to satisfy new needs, and higher satisfy existing desires. The ability to spot these opportunities and resources is referred to as entrepreneurial intention. Entrepreneurship has its analysis finger pointed to an individual's ability to show ideas into action (Volkmann, 2006). Entrepreneurship has ne'er been a lot of important than it's presently and one in all the key challenges facing all economies may be an ought to develop the required skills, attitudes and behaviours to prepare young people et al. to pursue opportunities (Wilson, 2009). Entrepreneurship globally nowadays has become associate degree everyday hokum. Policymakers, economists, lecturers and even university students are talking concerning it. Seminars, conferences and workshops are being organised per annum across the globe that stress on the importance of entrepreneurship to a rustic, society further as individual development (Bechard and urban centre 1998; Volery and Schaper 2007, Matlay and Westhead 2005). It's still regarded as the most effective strategy to spice up a country's fight in facing the increasing trends of the economic process (Volery and Schaper 2007; Venkatachalam and Waqif 2005). Owing to this, Courses on entrepreneurship have additionally become standard at school and university levels (Brown 1999).

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Entrepreneurship eludes to any endeavour at making new business or adventure, for example, independent work, another business association or the development of existing business by an individual, gathering of people or set up organisations (Reynolds et al., 2001). The business includes a mind-boggling and dynamic movement that requires intellectual procedures with the end goal that people can consider future results and decides the attractive quality and achievability of such results (Hisrich et al. 2005). In this way, individual eccentricities exist in their justification and social attributes for new business creation with the end goal that what might be an open door for one may be a need to another (Giacomin et al. 2010). Moreover, since the choice to frame another endeavour is cognizant and pre-ruminated, expectation based investigations of business enterprise conduct give a strong premise to understanding indicators of business enterprise conduct (Ajzen 1991). Davidsson (1995) include that contemplating innovative expectations keep away from the inclinations that may happen from individual and situational factors that create because of running an undertaking.

Past investigations have inspected the determinants of entrepreneurial intentions from the perspectives of necessity/opportunity-driven or push/pull dichotomy (Jamali 2009; Ismail et al. 2012; Giacomin et al. 2011), triggers and obstructions (Fatoki and Patswawairi 2012) character qualities (Canedo et al. 2014) hypothesis of arranged conduct (Iakovleva et al. 2011) and Shapero's pioneering occasion hypothesis (Solesvik et al. 2012; Krueger et al. 2000).. All the more along these lines, notwithstanding the plenty of studies inspecting entrepreneurial motivation, factors as well as the outcomes have been have been widely carried out.

Statement of the Problem

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of the college student is believed to be one of the solutions for reducing the level of unemployment. This kind of solution has been widely dealt in the advanced countries. Developed countries like North America, UK, Ireland, and some European countries use entrepreneurship education with the aim of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in young people in order to reduce the level of unemployment (Keat et al. 2011). College graduates are expected to become competent and independent young entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship classes in the university also draw a large number of students more than any other elective subject offered in the same university. Different universities have introduced programs which are meant to motivate students to participate in entrepreneurial activities. Among these initiatives includes the introduction of seed funding to fund student start-ups. The study, therefore, seeks to compare the entrepreneurial motivation among students in Chinese and British university as well as determine the influence of seed funding on university students entrepreneurial behaviour.

Research Aim and Objective


The aim of this study is to utilise compare entrepreneurial motivation between Chinese and British university students and also analyse the influence of seed funding on university students entrepreneurship motivations.

Research Objectives

  • To establish the influence of entrepreneurship education on student participation in entrepreneurship at Chinese and British universities
  • To establish the influence of seed funding on student participation in entrepreneurship at Chinese and British universities
  • To assess the influence of family background on student participation in entrepreneurship at Chinese and British universities
  • To establish the influence of university factors on student participation in entrepreneurship at Chinese and British universities
  • To establish the influence of student factors on student participation in entrepreneurship At Chinese and British universities

Literature Review

This section presents a literature review of studies related to entrepreneurial motivation between Chinese and British university and the influence of seed funding on university students' entrepreneurship students. The report provides a comparison of entrepreneurial motivation between Chinese and British university students and the impact of seed funding on university students' entrepreneurship in the two countries. This section is organised according to research objectives to ensure the research questions are relevant. The chapter presents theories on entrepreneurship and a conceptual framework of the current study.

Overview of Entrepreneurship

According to Krueger and Carsrud (1993), entrepreneurial intention refers to an individual commitment to start a new business. On the other hand, Bird (1988) described entrepreneurial intention as the level of cognitive awareness, which directs the setup of a new business. Intention refers to a thinking situation consisting of concentration, experience, and individual behaviour towards a specific objective or particular behaviour (Bird 2019). It is essential to ensure that there is a clear understanding of entrepreneurial intention because the intention is usually related to the establishment of a new business (Bird 2019). Summer (1998) stated that when an individual has particular intentions to achieve a specific objective, he/she is sure to direct his behaviour so that it runs parallel with the objective in achieving the intention. In today economic terms that money person can be referred to as a venture capitalist. The merchant-adventurer in these contracts took the active role in trading, which meant that he/she had to bear al the emotional and physical risks associated with the contract. According to Hirsch et al. (2002), after completing a journey by the merchant-adventurer, the money person took most of the profits (up to 75 per cent), while the entrepreneur merchant settled for the remaining twenty-five per cent.

Entrepreneurship has evolved as an important force in global economic growth. According to Ronald (1958), one early example of an entrepreneur as a go-between is Marco Polo, an Italian who was one of the first Europeans who sailed to the Far East. During his time, Marco Polo had the i...

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