The Mazees Coffee Cafes Business Plan

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Date:  2021-05-21

Executive Summary

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The Mazees Coffee Cafe will be a unique meeting place in the suburbs. Through providing ideal services, a vast variety of boba drinks, gourmet pastries, gourmet coffee, as well as live music in a relaxed secure setting, Mazees Coffee Cafe will be the premier alcohol-free hangout bar. According the First Beverage Group (2015), the non- alcoholic beverage market segment is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape. Grunert (2006) argues that situational factors, for instance place of purchase may significantly influence a customers intention to buy choice foods and beverages. Studies conducted by the National Restaurant Association (2015) demonstrated that sales in restaurant and food services were projected to increase to approximately $709 billion in 2015, which represents a 3.8% growth from 2014.

Given that, in an inflation-adjusted perspective, industry sales were projected to grow by approximately 1.5% in 2015, the Mazees Coffee Cafe envisages to initially controlling approximately 3% market share or $335,000 of the $15.7 million of the home market within the first fiscal year. It also envisages to controlling an extra 2.5% and 2.6% for the second and third fiscal years respectively. The Mazees Coffee Cafe will realize this through intensive advertising, as well as marketing campaigns, counting on signage and largely through word of mouth. Situated at a key traffic circle in suburbs region, the site is positioned in a locality retail center. With a standard traffic tally of approximately 43,000 each day, the site was mainly preferred because of its location, the local demographics that surround the site and sound rental rates.


The Mazees Coffee Cafe will offer a top notch carte du jour featuring vast diversity of boba drinks, gourmet pastries, gourmet coffee, as well as live music from local artists. The Mazees Coffee Cafe primary objective is approximately 3% market share and generate a profit in the initial 24 months of operations and settlement of all financial obligations in the first 5 years of its operations. The Mazees Coffee Cafe will realize these objectives through holding itself far from competition as an authentic alcohol-free neighborhood designed to make return clientele.Strategy to Success

The Mazees Coffee Cafe strategy to success will be founded on the following points:

First-rate customer services: The Mazees Coffee Cafe s objective is to be the place where everybody feels at home.

Customer satisfaction through offering a quiet and peaceful environment, where acquaintances can get together and unwind.

Present broad offerings of specialty gourmet pastries, Boba drinks, and gourmet coffee, catering to the customers requirement for diversity and sophistication in non-alcoholic beverages.

Company Summary

The inception of the Coffee O Clock Cafe will come about owing to the ever-increasing scourge of customers who have developed rather sophisticated palettes and demand the incorporation and or availing of these services in the market. Coffee Oclock will be a company like any other. The inception of the business will dispel the rather au fait notion that alcoholic beverages possess the capacity and the capability to attract more customers and thus, stand to gain more in the way of dividends or profits. Supposedly so, the company will offer a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages to the many customers who stand to be swept off their feet from the word go.

Coffee O Clock Cafe will be a start-up venture that is looking to muster or rather garners more consumers who are the target audience. The companys aims will offer quality customer services in the market in a bid to aid keep or maintain a steady customer flow in the market. Being that as it may, all people know there is no accounting for tastes, and yet the Mazees Coffee Cafe Company will be hell bent on the assimilation of a culture mainly founded on the aspects of acquired tastes that have nurtured and thrived over the years.

The company will be located in the suburbs away from the city and as such, it will stand to enjoy the peace that comes with first-rate security in this setting. The company's situational bearings will be in a local retail center, which has a massive and flowing traffic, this way; the company will attract a large number of customers who will, in turn, enjoy the services offered by the firm. Other than the massive traffic, the suburbs will provide a business environment particularly marked with the availability of affordable rental premises, which is good for the start-up, as all.

Nonetheless, like many other start-up ventures in the world over, the company will be best suited in the suburbs in a bid to steer clear of the hostile competition in the non-alcoholic beverage market. Thus far, the company will maintain and stick to the set goals that are well in line with minimizing expenses as much as possible.

Fittingly, the company will have a fully-fledged legal model that serves to handle issues concerning the law. The legal parameters of the firm will include the responsibility of seeing to it that such substantial information say, patent rights are not infringed on by individual business sharks that may be willing to venture in and take advantage of a start-up. The companys legal framework will be set up and operate within the confines of certain set principles as moral integrity and fairness. Any member of the organization who supposedly violates the companys acts will be sued and charged accordingly. The companys legal structure will operate in such a way that such vile acts, small or not, are not rendered scot-free.ServicesThe Mazees Coffee Cafe will operate and strive to accomplish some set visions that are well in line with objectives concerning the success of the business. First off, the company will aim to control a substantial amount of 3% of total potential home market share within the first fiscal year once launched.

The second and third years will even be much higher with estimates of say, 2.5%, and 2.6% respectively as expressly outlined in the companys goals. The company will accomplish these through the application of strategic and aggressive advertising, as well as through such techniques of intensive marketing campaigns, signage counting and also by word of mouth. Thus far, the company will wish and or aim to reach its set market share within the first financial year and make good in the way of accruing dividends within two years of launching. Regardless, the company will also wish to settle its monetary obligations within five years of operation fully.

Considering the selective culture beset by the firms set goal of striving to achieve maximum customer satisfaction from the quality services offered, the company will aim to grow and survive regardless of the hostile business climate accounted for by the increasing competition among firms that deal in beverages. The company will offer a broad variety of quality products such as excellent coffee, pastries of the gourmet quality, and drinks.

The company will claim full responsibility regarding advocating for outstanding customer care and will exhibit a culture of seeing to it that clients are tended to well and respectfully. Especially, the company will pride itself on the customer satisfaction through understanding their needs. To this end, the company will do more in the way of reassessing client needs through intensive research of the supposed customer wants. Moreover, the company will need to initiate strategies aimed at luring the customers say, presenting enticing incentives to the consumers.

Along with this, the company will endeavor to foster a peaceful haven for the users through the incorporation of such services as live music. The friendly environment will do more in reassuring the customers of their home away from home, a typical palace where the clients can feel at home, also where new people can make acquaintances and loosen up awhile without the interference of intrusive parties.


Mazees Coffee Cafe operates in the coffee shop industry. The industry is a highly competitive one because of the ever growing demand for coffee and its associated products (Musso & Druica, 2014). The industry, especially the gourmet and the specialty sectors are growing at very rapid rates. By the end of 2015, the industry had generated revenues of more than 28 billion USD and it is expected that the revenues would exceed 32 billion USD by the end of 2016 (Small Business Market Research Report, 2016). This signifies the continued growth of the industry. Due to its profitability, the coffee shop industry is characterized by having several players.

Traditionally, coffee shops were very simple. They focused on offering consumers with coffee, tea and hot beverages as the main products. The demand for the coffee shop products was also limited. This is especially because they were highly considered as areas where people can go for business or personal meetings, which were short in nature (Musso & Druica, 2014). With time, the scope of service offering of the coffee shops increased significantly. Coffee shops slowly became embedded in contemporary lifestyles (Godsmark, Arduser, &...

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