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Date:  2021-06-03

The previous elections season in the United States was unique in the history. The victory of President Trump was least expected because of his controversial nature. There were diversities in the views of the people in the social media regarding the effects of Trumps victory as the 45th president of the United States of America. Different political analysts had a diverse opinions relating to the victory of Trump and the possible implications of his presidency throughout his term in office. Trump's bid for the presidency sends fear to the world because of his unique view of things and desire to restore the said greatness of the country.

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It is evident from the elections result that President Trump was the peoples choice having defeated his opponent Clinton in the electorate polls. Despite Trump's victory, there are mix reactions concerning his first months in office. The views of the people regarding the system of administration since the inaugurations of President Donald Trump is everywhere in the social media. The majority of reviews are negative following the strict measures that President Trump signed against immigrations in his first few weeks in the office. The leaders in various countries perceive the current administration as poor because of Trumps immigration orders that prevent Muslims from entering the United States of America. Most people found the immigration orders as controversial because it affects the seven Muslim nations from entering the country. Ideally, President Trump did not substantiate the major reasons for taking a step to regulate the entry of Muslims into the country. The orders were not only controversial but were overturned by the supreme courts and termed as mere generalization that all Muslims are terrorist.

The public considers President statement regarding refugee in Sweden as confused. Ideally, the administration in Washington DC has the lowest ratings considering the views of the people of the world and the citizens of US. President Trump approach to issues has triggered discussions and criticism in the media. The entire administration in Washington DC has negative reviews considering President Trump's attacks on businesses and media. One of the indicators of failure of the governments in Washington DC regards the early resignation of Michael Flynn who was the national security advisor. The resignation of part of the administration symbolizes the frictions in the government in the early moments of Trumps services in the office. The dealings between the Administration in the Washington DC and Russia were not appropriate following the withdrawal of security advisor in U.S. A Significant percentage of Congress gave support to the investigations regarding the relationship between Trumps presidential campaigns and Russia. The subsequent issues arising from the administration in the Washington DC has provoked major criticism in the country.

The constant demonstrations of the oppositions supporters in the streets of the United States show that many people do not approve the actions of the administration's lead by President Trump. The outsiders might view the legislation as too ambitious and seek to cut short the rights of the people of the United States. For examples, it has been hard for the administration to categories, which are the immigrants and the natives. The U.S is a country of diversities hence defining the natives and the immigrants triggers criticism in the country.

How could one participate in the system?

The administration of the Washington DC is legal, and thus every citizen has to support. The presidency of Donald Trump is legal, and he deserves support to finish his term in office. Ideally, U.S is an independent country thus people every citizen should be brave and believe in the supremacy of the rule of law. Personally, I should support the administration to implement the manifestos and bring the change in the country. All sound-minded citizens need security in the borders and the homestead in the United States. It is not the time to remain skeptical to the administration and critic what it does to restore order in the country. I should be one of the ambassadors who help people understand that the administration may not do things that please all the people. It is the duty of every citizen to be patient and give room to the rule of law to regulate the actions of the administration.

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