American Dream: Achieving Your Goals and Creating Your Own Reality - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-11


The American dream is not a fantasy or an idea. What is your very own definition of the term "American Dream"? Having a nice car and a big house? Money? Generally, the American dream is defined differently from one American to another depending on their life situation it could be developing a business, getting married, being a hero or having a lot of cash. Throughout one's life, you have been told about following your dreams which have been an inspiration to many. The creating and chasing your dream idea has significantly helped in achieving the American dream. I trust having money, big house, nice car, and a beautiful car are what the vast majority of individuals characterize them to what the American Dream is. The American Dream has dependably been trying to get satisfaction; yet as Americans, we had worked our way to freedom from inequality, and since the 20th century, the American dream usually is the American culture staple. Similar to the last century, anyone can make it in contemporary America if he or she is willing to work hard and persevere, the American dream remains to be relevant and practical today in the American's culture.

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According to Dalmia (pg. 66-69), there are various reasons still keeping the American dream alive in America today thus, economically, other superior nations, for example, China and India cannot knock it off. This is mainly because the American dream is importantly measured in terms of its value and principles rather than on what a person owns. To most people, America offers better life opportunities. The main tackled issues by Dalmia includes the superiority of American education; it lacks a cultural hype; compared to other nations, America lacks grinding poverty. Irrespective of the going around hoopla relative to the most prominent growing countries economically, for instance, China growing to become the 2nd biggest economic country worldwide and India following suit is pathetic if the focus is based on America's per capita GDP. Although America is facing domestic level issues with other rapid global landscape transformation, no country has a chance comparable to that of the American economy.

On the other hand, basing on "The Death of Horatio Alger" by Krugman (pg. 52-64) depicting the Horatio Alger as the idea of American pulling oneself up by using oneself bootstraps along with work ethics. According to Krugman income distribution in the US has gone back to the inequality past age. Income inequality also termed as economic inequality is amongst the main problems in this century (Alm & Cox, pg. 64-66). The rapid growth rate on the gap between the poor and the rich are continually growing wider due to high growth in terms of wealth compared to economy and the capabilities of individuals moving through the economic classes is slight thus killing the American dream. According to Krugman, the experienced income mobility deeming the American dream is related to lack of education access and in economics. However, the big reason for believing in the existence of the American dream on whether it is alive or will stay alive relies significantly on the American spirit.


In conclusion, the American dream remains relevant in America today. The difference is how it is achieved nowadays form the past ages though its main principles remain unchanged. The main difference in today's America is rather than an apprenticeship to approach their quest for the American dream; young people set off for college. Taking everything into account, the American dream is about both decision in choice in unlimited freedom and consumer industry. These are standards Americans request in all that they do. From numerous points of view, the American dream has developed to symbolize something other than the customer business. The American dream is an image of a strong America.

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