Analysis of Acting in Oklahoma Musical - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-07-02

Oklahoma is musical that delves into the intricacies of the diverse human conditions. The key mission of the theater is for entertainment. Entertainment is a vital thing in life as it brings joy and removes stresses. The role of this essay is to give an analysis of this musical according to its performance in different settings.

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Oklahoma is a stage production that is wonderful as seen from the actors that are excellent vocally. Awesome voices are produced by both the female and the male actors. When it reaches the point where the actor's dance and one uses a rope while dancing makes the scene very enjoyable. The introduction of the play starts with some songs that make the film fascinating and enjoyable. The song Oh what a beautiful morning as the film gets introduced is what has captured my attention in the film. The interesting part of the live musical Oklahoma that makes me like the film is the fact the film not only shows the play itself but also there is the presentation by the audience at the musical. The film causes the desire to know more since it can be seen that there are two audiences in the performance of the film. First, there are the audiences that can be seen watching the musical and then the other audience is us watching the film. The setting of the film, therefore, makes me like it. The play uses designs and staging that are simple which makes it possible for the actors to carry out the story in an excellent manner.

On the other hand, what I dislike is that while the play is comprehensible in its progress, some elements exist that bring confusion to an audience which is not well conversant with the history of America. The differences in the culture between the audiences and the setting can prevent one from getting a full understanding of the environmental factors that coddle the development of the history of characters.

The director of the film seems to make me keep the same interest all through the play since as the play progresses; it becomes even sweeter and sweeter. The simple designs and staging seen in the film is the effort of the director in ensuring that the film goes on well. This is evident from the actions of the actors especially during the dance that they can be able to do many things concurrently without fail. The costumes used also are very appropriate especially for the dance. Perhaps what may be bringing a drawback in the efforts and the responsibility of the director is the lack of the incorporation of the Hollywood style. However, the actors and the music serve to provide a fantastic presentation.

The date and place set by the playwright are critical in the setup of the play. Based on the subject matter of the film, it will affect the style of acting and the design that is to be picked to fit with the days performance. The days and the place are therefore very critical in the performance. For instance, towards the end of the play as the wedding is done between Laurey and Curly, almost all the men are seen to be wearing suits and hats as they take a photo. They, therefore, had to change to this design to fit the days activity.

In conclusion, Oklahoma is a film that offers maximum entertainment which becomes a source of joy and fascination in the lives of many people in the entire globe. People can learn more from this film that will result in one way or another help in decision making on how to handle various things and situations in life.

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