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Date:  2021-07-02

The issue of race is among the majorly discussed topics in the history of the United States. In its actuality, the people are inundated with blogs, tweets, memes and other arts that provide the reflection of the both sides of the coin regarding the unwinnable debate. No matter what individuals are taking, it is undeniable that people are talking. In the political cartoon America Conversation on Race and Violence, the two sides of this debate are vividly illustrated by the author. The source of this cartoon image is the public website and drawn by Kevin Siers. It was published in 2016 at the Charlotte Observers.

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In reality, the author has employed brilliant stylistic arts necessary to elicit the variety of views regarding the ongoing racial debate. As an insightful editorial and political cartoon, there is an image of a white police and a black young man both sitting down and facing the opposite direction. They are covering their faces with each other and confronting the opposite direction away from one another. Between them, the police cap is found and has been placed with the front face facing the cop. Moreover, there is a tremendously dark wall behind these two men. It is undeniable that the cartoon is, therefore, a political cartoon, which is created to convey a given message to a particular group of audience. It requires a deeper understanding and analysis to understand the content and the message that the author is trying to pass.

In reality, this cartoon deals with various issues. Firstly, it provides an illustration regarding the unproductive nature of the conversation and debate on race. For a long time, the United States has experienced increasing incidences of the race-related violence mostly against the members of the black community. The two men in the image tend to shy away from each other through hiding their faces. For Americans, the issue of race seems to be the proverbial elephant in the house which majority of people prefer not to acknowledge. For the Black young man, the fear for and unfortunately of the young black men is crucial as it allows no room for them to be kids. As mentioned earlier, both men seem to be afraid of looking to each other, and most probably to address them. It illustrates that in a democratic society such as the US where all men are perceived equal, different individuals from different races will demonstrate respect and appreciation for the law enforcement officers. Such respect and appreciation are often shown through refusing to question or critique even the nastiest problematic and captured incidents between the black citizens and the white American police.

The dark wall behind the two men signifies the surroundings with no hope or light, and this reflects the unproductive nature of the debate on race and violence in the United States. It is undeniable that the discussion between black communities and the policing service has never shown any sign of ending. In most occasions, even the government will employ policies and legislations to address these issues, but may not last before the incidences of violence emerge.

The intended audience

The cartoonist, in this case, might have used this image to address given information to both the black and white societies in the United States. The issue of race, racism and the violence against the minority has been an integral component of the American history. Therefore, the author wanted to address this crucial information to all the Americans both the whites and blacks. It is reassuring to understand that the people who hold the first American government seat can advocate for equality with assurance and confidence with the aim of stimulating the system change. However, this is not the tasks for the black people alone.

The cartoon offers various evidences regarding what it conveys. As depicted in the cartoon image, both the white cop and the black young man fear to address this issue even through conversation and is the reason for hiding their faces away from each other. Americans have to operate collectively towards the excellent union. When the nations eventually rise and accept the source of the brutal history of the United States that tremendously informs of present status, we can mold the future and begin the actual work of healing.

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