Analysis of the Ketty Perry's Wide Awake Video - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-08

That above is thinking like a social scientist. What is happening and why? How does Perry survive?

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What is the real "Katy" and what is the media's representation of her? She may sexualize herself and swear, but she also has some of the most liberating and positive songs for girls out in the industry. Be careful to know the facts. So, the media may focus on "boobs" and squirting whip cream, but she may be focusing on saving girls from committing suicide as a result of their low self-esteem begotten by abusive relationships. In the end, the media does not care about helping girls because "boobs and whip cream" sell air time. Perry has little choice but to try and balance the two: be visible but make a statement. After all, as someone who is active in the anti-child sex trafficking movement, I notice that no one wants to notice, but make something erotic or "teasing" and then suddenly everyone is "outraged" or they "care", at least for about twelve hours. So, these are the challenges, with some emotion mixed in. :)

What is Perry telling us about Marriage?

Feminist approach about marriage is the main cause of a lot of negative consequences that faces many relationships today. Perry seems to think marriage is a distraction. It inhibits one from obtaining and reaching the set goals.

How does the Child figure into the Wide Awake video?

The child in this video represents Katy Perry as a young girl. Katy Perry is in nostalgia. She desires her youthful self. It is at this stage of her life where things are just simpler. In this video, the little girl acts as her guide through her rough and perilous adult life.

All of the foes are men, why? Why the labyrinth?

It seems that all her troubles and failings come as a result of trusting men in her life. It simply could mean men are also a distraction. Hence, she uses the men as foes in the video to bring out the imagery of her failings. The final part where she punches a suitor also brings out the feeling that men are opportunist. The labyrinth could symbolize the trappings of her celebrity lifestyle. Every step she takes is a mystery.

Why does Perry reenact the "forbidden fruit" scene but use a strawberry in a Gothic and death-like setting?

She chooses to reenact the forbidden fruit scene to show what her celebrity life is offering. The strawberry represents what she thinks would make her wishes come true. The riches and all the fame in a world full of deceit. Gothic setting represents the pride and appeal to the masses as were the Gothic architectures. The death-like setting could mean that despite the status, one misstep could lead to disastrous result. She could be using the strawberry to attack her fathers holier than thou attitude. Perry once remarked that her dad was a close associate of the Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beetles

How does "Daddy" relate to Perry in terms of the focus on marriage and men?

Katy Perry is more of an independent woman. She does not agree with her daddys Christian values. Her dad also does not try to impose his wishes on her. Instead, he lets her be her. Perry is a rebellious kid. She uses the notion of her daddy having associated with Strawberry Fields Forever, to justify her nature. Perry is also a pro-marriage. She talked of depression after her divorce from her husband. She does not hate men as such as shown in the video. She has been spotted severally with alleged suitors.

This is not about "hating men." Neither of these women hate men, nor do the feminists. Rather it is how men unknowingly compromise women or how male institutions can hurt women because the focus is always on what men want (football cheerleaders making no pay, one the sidelines). Prince Charming wants a pretty girl; men want to notice pretty women, and men want women and girls to perform for them, to entertain them. Men (and I don't mean all men here) don't always consider how women or girls can get compromised. Daddy can say to his daughter, "You are so pretty," and that is fine, but if that is all he says, then that is all she has. When does she become smart?

Please respond to most of these questions, but I am looking for good insight here and a good discussion. Have fun but serious fun. I will reply here. This is worth 50 points so put some time into it.

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