Annotated Bibliography on Institutional Policy - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-07

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. (n.d). About CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Retrieved from

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The website gives a vast amount of data about health insurance programs sponsored by the government. On the site, there is a page that provides information about the expenditures on national health, including verifiable and outlook information. Their site is helpful for inspecting past patterns in health care spending so as to anticipate where Americas health care spending is headed. The site additionally contains a lot of information from different government agencies. This is a useful source of statistics used discussing current health and policy issues. By incorporating information as diagrams and charts, the readers effortlessly comprehend how important the affordable health care issue is for America.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicare services websites also specifies historical truths and current policy suggestions and directions for the insurance programs. The page gives a chronicled diagram, synopsis, anticipated uses, coverage, benefits, and planned beneficiaries. It is also helpful because it not only details the relationship between Medicaid and Medicare, but it also gives an incredibly simple outline on the policy. The numerous articles on the website are significant to research projects since they describe how the program was initially planned and how it stands today. Despite the fact that this site cannot evaluate how health care managers address health care inequalities, it is critical to see how an office may address the issue. The information displayed on this website identifies with various research projects on the association with Medicaid beneficiaries.

All in all, the CMS Center site provides scratch insights about CMS projects and national health care uses. The CMS Data Compendium contains unique, current, and anticipated information on Medicare enlistment and Medicaid beneficiaries, consumptions, and use. Information relating to the spending plan, managerial and working costs, singular pay, financing, and healthcare suppliers and providers are included. National health consumption information not particular to the Medicare or Medicaid projects is likewise included making the CMS Data Compendium a standout amongst the most extensive sources of data accessible on U.S. health care. The CMS report is published every year in electronic form and is accessible since 2002 through the present. All topics. Health ... (n.d.). Retrieved from website serves as the core online hub for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, often called the Obamacare) and Patient Protection by the federal government. The website provides information on the various insurance alternatives and also awards government subsidies for citizens in 36 states. Besides, the website apparently allows users to purchase their insurance plans as well as establish their qualification for grants. Users can also register for Medicaid enrollment at low-income levels.

In essence, the website works as a clearance house that enables American Citizens to health insurance policy prices in their states. Also, users can enroll in any plan of their choice and at the same time discover whether they qualify for health care subsidies from the government.

New users sign up first and create a user-specific account by outlining their personal information. Then the visitor receives comprehensive information on the available services within his or her area. The website is designed to help a large number of uninsured Americans. It contains a shopping feature for comparison which entails a visual format somehow analogous to other sites like Amazon and Etsy. additionally lists Medicaid alternatives for people. This identifies with a development of the long-running system embraced as a joint exertion under the PPACA. Current evaluations indicate that over eight million people have received coverage.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. (n.d). About CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Retrieved from All topics. Health ... (n.d.). Retrieved from

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