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Reflection on the Constitution Day

Date:  2021-05-20 11:43:32
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On 17th September 1787, the constitution of the United States of America was presented by constitutional convention delegates (Boehner and John, 89). The delegates then signed the final draft of the constitution into law at Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania State House Assembly. The whole process was spearheaded by James Madison- a political theorist who later became the fourth president of the United States. Afterwards, constitution has acted as a blue print that guides both the actions of the government and the citizens.

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Since 2004 the law stipulated that each public educational institution organise an educational debate on constitutional affairs on every 17th September (Kids Laws, 24). However, our school held the `constitution day on the following day. In the event, select speakers engaged in a debate on the relevance of the constitution in the coming presidential elections in November. In this forum, the selected persons were to act like the presidential aspirants whereby they are supposed to respond to questions from the other students concerning the constitution. The things covered were majorly on the qualifications of a candidate to stand elections and the basis for their disqualifications. Being familiar with the constitution empowers students to know the limits of the power of the government. Through participating in a democratic voting process, the students are being responsible for the choices they made when voting. Therefore voting is a basic fundamental right that should be exercised by any person over 18 years regardless of gender, ethnic affiliations, religion and race.

Through the debate, we were able to know that the constitution is on the forefront is championing for the balance of power between the Federal government and the States. The constitution also spells out the right to vote as a democratic right of every citizen. Voting ensures that every citizen is represented through `one man one vote system. Therefore, the constitution emphasises the sovereignty of the people as the important element of the government because without people, there is no government (Hensley and Patricia, 39). This can be attested from the preamble of the constitution, `` We the people of the United States.... Sovereignty of the people directs the government to serve the people with due diligence, respect and dignity.

In conclusion, the constitution has sufficiently served its purpose in regards to enlightening the citizens on the right to vote, the requirements of an elected candidate, and the laws that govern the election process. The constitution has acted as the reference point for the United States elections and the on in November is not an exception.

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