Annotated Bibliography on Management: Collection Management Strategies in Hard Times

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Date:  2021-06-02

Liaison model is the predominant technique used in creating and maintaining library collections. Professional librarians are vital in establishing library collections that can satisfy patrons. All the same, many unproven assumptions justify this model. The main assumptions are that the subject specialist librarian is entitled to making better book selections and that the liaison must learn about the curriculum and research in the subject area. The librarians must also have well established and suited personalities required for building relationships with the faculty. The relationship made should lead to a better way of collections of the books. The rapport established in the premises sought to increase support for the facility especially when times are hard.

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While it appears like there is little impact on the patron satisfaction with the availability of monographs, it is evident that the liaisons in the past were involved in such serial decisions. The most critical equipment was the use of personal knowledge and familiarities with the department specialists, especially in the academic section. They also had the tasks to review journal subscriptions every year and examined statistics plus conduction citation analyses. All these activities are still rendered necessary. Assessment of the same activities is also very significant particularly with the increasing number of journals.


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Administrators, Board of Trustees and Friends of the Library are fundraising Musketeers (Leadership)

Creativity, Innovation, and productivity are required in any group work to achieve success. The administration and trustees of the group are also aligned towards the success and achievement of the objectives and plans of the team. In cases where the concerned individuals have questions regarding the construction of a fiscal strategy, a well-structured program of the same will provide an anchor towards the response. Librarians, therefore, have strategic planning processes to make, and the results from the methods would lead to the creation and mobilization of companies to procure and allocate assets for the library. There are therefore many ways of integrating administration. One obvious method of doing so is by allowing a board member to attend the library committee meetings and also invite friends to participate in the planning process of a library. However, there might occur problems towards the whole process of management. One major problem is the occurrence of ethical disruptions. In this case, when there is the prevalence of one voice in the administrative system, resource allocation tends to get scattered. Some of the individuals in the team might not get along in such occasion. Another issue is that not all work relationships work out well for teams or organizations. It is, therefore, the duty of leaders described as natural to mitigate the occurrence of such problematic issues.


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Intellectual Capital Disclosure (Motivation)

It is quite evident that knowledge is a significant resource and an important factor of production. Companies always integrate intellectual capital to the core of strategic efforts. There are lots of difficulties in managing intellectual assets particularly in enterprises because it does not only involve decision making processes from the managers but also the means of allocating resources just like with cases entailing other management issues. IC is influenced both by the mindset of an individual and the values and beliefs of a particular organization. If in any case, a company fails to manage their IC, it is on the verge of facing potential risks. Risks are the adverse impacts on making profits. The term traditionally refers to the positive and adverse outcomes that are associated with danger. Risk management is therefore aimed at identifying, assessing and controlling all sorts of firm risks. Companies are therefore advised to focus on their financial risks and manage them.


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A Push-Pull-Mooring Perspective (Management)

Management is all about considering whatever has to be done to keep things running. However, to sustain healthy business growth, one must have certain business skills. Some of the core competencies required include problem-solving techniques, decision making, planning, meeting management and delegation. Such skills are also the basis upon which more practices of management get performed.


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Management and Decision-Making Model (Management)

Managers are always responsible for making sure that things are done appropriately in the business. Its upon the leaders to enlighten, bring vision and inspire in any work environment. All the listed duties are futile if no proper implementation is done brought about by good management. Since the core set of skills required for effective management is so wide, one has to acquire the skills he is comfortable at executing. All the same, it is wise to analyze competencies in all areas of management and challenge yourself to improve in all the areas of weakness. Good management is all about understanding how teams operate. It should be remembered that teams are an integral part of business development. The process of developing a team entails creating a balance to develop an adverse set of skills and personalities. The truth is that it is easier to manage a team that could easily get along.


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