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The spectra of globalization are shaping the model of the modern society because diverse cultures are dominating varies field from health care facilities, business premises among other dynamics. Studies have revealed the exploration of the potential difference in the leadership styles given the diverse culture across the globe. Therefore, cross-cultural leadership practices in various countries or states is a significant issue of concern. There is significance in the study of potential difference and relationship in cultures for employees to enhance their cross-cultural interaction (Dreachslin, Weech-Maldonado, Gail, Epane, & Wainio, 2017). As a result, many firms have resolved to offer pre-departure training to their expatriate employees before they begin assignments in foreign countries. The components pre-departure training help many employees to have the basis on cross-cultural skills. In a broad view, effective intercultural practices should not be limited to leaders alone. It cuts across all employees. Therefore, Human Resource administrators should concentrate on building the foundation of cross-cultural practices in their firms. The fundamentals of intercultural leadership practices are to cultivate the basis of diverse cultures among the employees to who will then be able to offer standard services to client from different cultures. The different cultural practices is a critical aspect in the various healthcare organizations. Many studies have revealed that the aesthetic of the staff is directly linked to the cultural competence of the leaders themselves. The analysis here should thus consider the contextual and sociodemographic variables (Mannion, & Davies, 2018). In a general definition of the cross-cultural practices should, therefore, consider the social relationship and leadership effects in a given organisation to foster the development and implementation of the preparation of the diverse culture. This study is going to explore cross-cultural leadership practices at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US. The study will discuss how this organisation works with patients regarding cultural issues.

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How Johns Hopkins Hospital Works With Patients Regarding Cultural Issues

Communication Effectiveness

Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) has put in place a diverse culture of safety that encompasses the presence dynamics such as belief and learnings that can harm the system`s approach to the delivery of services. The management of JHH affords strategic plans for safety and improvement schemes; they involve the patients' safety and the planning of the Hospital facility. This takes into consideration the cross-cultural leadership practices that are part and parcel of the service delivery. JHH is has put in place several dynamics that has ensured that the client from all walk of life gets adequate services. The hospital has bestowed strict strategies to offer both international and unique services. The areas include in the whole dynasty are scheduling a medical appointment, facilitating admission and registration, provisions of services with language interpretation, transportation and airport pickup, lodging and consolidated billing. All the spectra listed here evolve around effective and adequate communication. The proper communication channels in JHH makes the health facility stand out. In the perspective of the cross-cultural leadership practices, the Hospital has designated communication assistance area that covers international and unique services. To cater for intercultural communication, JHH has a department for language interpretation as well as the sign language interpretation. This is an essential component of any healthcare facilities that receive clients from diverse cultures. The exchange of information between the healthcare provider and the patient is a critical aspect of the treatment model. Language barrier on several occasion has hindered the provision of health care services, especially where the conversational interview is required. Instances where healthcare providers and patients don't speak one language or don't share the same culture, the provision of the healthcare services would be at stake; therefore. As a result, many health facilities have sought the services of language interpreters to help in the transition of the language. However, studies have disclosed that several health facilities don't have enough capacities to proper communication. The JHH is focused on providing qualified interpreters for languages in English and styles as well as sign language. The JHH has more than 50 professional that offers a professional interpretation in the health facility. In regards to the cross-cultural leadership practices, the cultivation of the diverse culture in the health facilities reflects on the potential of the leadership involved. Therefore, the administration of JHH is focused on practicing cross-cultural practice in the facilities, and this is indicated on the efforts made by the professional interpreter in the health organization. The health facility interprets about 14 languages apart from English. Again JHH has also improved its communication by availing teletypewriter in the patient rooms to facilitate communications. On top of this, another aspect of the hospital that is worth to note us the communication planning of the JHH. The hospital has availed readily available communication components for clients. There are communication guides available on the health facility as well as the online platform. JHH has also trained its staff on effective communications that cut across all culture. Therefore, the health care facility has made it easier to communicate within the system. Again, the team of JHH are drawn from diverse cultures, and thus this is another forming another driving force to cross-cultural communication diversity. The many staff thus brings different and unique cultural background perspectives.

Problem Solving

The problem JHH is enhanced given the fact that there is sufficient and adequate communication. The flow of communication has made it easy for the problem to be solved across the various spectra of the hospital. In some health facilities where there are language barriers, the effectivity of problem-solving would be low given the communication facilities such as interpretation. There are many levels within the JHH health facility in which problems may arise. For instance, the problem would occur during a medical appointment, admission and registration, assistance and language interpretation, and billing among other levels. However, given the foundation that has been laid by the JHH, this healthcare organization has established an increased need for health care managers to be trained on how to handle matters related to cultural diversity. The diversity management at JHH has made efforts to embrace the techniques to prevent potential problems in the facility. The approach has engaged other critical aspects such as financial, technology and services provision. Even though diversity management and cultural competency has been a challenge to many firms including the health facilities, JHH has a standout to neutralize the perception.

JHH has patient support and service department that has made problem-solving very active within the health facility. The program affords expert assistance in line social, emotional, psychological and practical assistance to patients and their families. This includes various components where cross-cultural diversities are considered. The out-patient teams, for example, assist with cancer information and education; spiritual guidance; temporary housing; overcoming communication barriers; medical insurance and payment; provision of a link to support sources; counselling services for patients and their families; volunteer opportunities among other problem-solving skills. The various problem-solving aspect has been enhanced by the fact that the hospital established an advanced Capacity Command Center. The Capacity Command Center has put in place the latest system engineering, predictive analytics as well as the problem-solving to effectively regulate the patient safety, experience, volume and movement of the clients in and out the health facility. The facilities in the command center are advanced and are similar to those used in other areas such as aerospace. Therefore, for healthcare facilities to adopt the use of such facilities has been a big challenge. Thus this is another capability that will make JHH be ahead of other healthcare facilities- the Modern Command Capacity Center has made the Johns Hopkins Hospital to be unique especially in the practicing of diverse cultural issues, as compared to other health facilities. Since the launch of the Capacity command center, the results have revealed the JHH has been able to improve patient experience and operational outcomes in broad areas. The areas include the transfer of patients from one hospital to the other; ambulance pickups; operation room; and discharging patients. The Capacity Command Center provides current information that can be applied to make a transparent, informed decision about the patient services that cover the diverse culture. Generally, the communication and diverse culture in JHH has made problem-solving in a broad spectrum very sufficient and adequate as compared to several similar health care facilities.

Employee/Patient Motivation

In any healthcare facility, motivation of employees and workers is fundamental. When employees are motivated, the quality and quantity of the services will go up. The motive of employees in any organization will enhance the effective functioning of the given organizations. Because communication and problem-solving strategies are adequately covered in JHH. The virtue of effective communication and problem-solving abilities in the health care system are enough to motivate the patient. Language interpretation is fundamental to driving patients. The first step to motivating step to patients in a healthcare facility is the enhancement of communication. Given the fact the JHH receives patients from diverse cultures, many of the patients will be motivated because they are covered. There are several professional interpreters in the JHH that makes communication very useful. In circumstances where there are communication barriers, many patients would try to seek health care services from healthcare facilities with a similar culture that are similar to theirs. When there is a flow in communication, many patients or clients will be urged to seek the services of that given health facility. The motivation of the patient also depends on the way the services are delivered. The system at JHH is advanced, and the dynamics of services deliveries that encompasses various functions such as counselling, transportation and temporary accommodation among other could encourage the patient to seek the services in the JHH system. Therefore, when the cross-cultural practice is taken into consideration, the patients seeking the assistance from JHH are likely to get motivated because the health care facility has taken care of language barrier as well as problem-solving dynasties.

On the other hand, cross-cultural leadership practices should also take into consideration the aspect of employee motivation. Many of the engaged employees are focused on the future of the organization. Organizations that employ people from a diverse culture like JHH has to put more effort into the practice of different customs. Therefore, this will call for educational training for the employees to be able to interact effectively among themselves and also the patients. In cases where a group of employees are barred out due to their culture, they will feel less motivated, and this would affect the operation...

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