Article Analysis Essay on "City of Broken Dreams"

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Date:  2023-02-09


"City of Broken Dreams" by Sara Goldrick is an article about the amount of money that college students in America. According to Sara, the college students owe the United States of America lenders approximately $ 1.49 trillion, which is more than all other credit debts in the country (Goldrick-Rab 210). The cost of college education in America became expensive after the government cut down the budget for higher education, forcing colleges to raise fees and tuition.

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Research carried out by Goldrick-Rab, and her team showed that many students, especially those from families with low income and racial minority students, go to college near their homes (Goldrick-Rab 210). Before choosing a college that they enroll in, therefore, they need to consider its proximity to where they live. Some colleges get resources from both the government and private institutions, while others depend solely on the government. The funds from the state may sometimes delay; therefore, the students are forced to pay for the college expenses. While I agree that the income level and race influence the choice of the college that one chooses, some students choose a college near them because they would like to be with their families. When a student chooses to a study in a college far from home, they will incur extra costs such as accommodation and will also sacrifice seeing their family frequently.

A significant number of students in cities like Milwaukee are unable to pursue higher education because their parents cannot afford the fees required. Students desire to go to college, hoping that they will graduate and get jobs that are well paying (Goldrick-Rab 213). Those who manage to go to college work while studying to pay bills. This is sometimes a disadvantage because one cannot devote as much time as required to studies. Low-income students are devoted to laws in the colleges that are both unexplained to them and inconsistent. They also face restrictions in housing, for example, where if in the public housing, a student is not allowed to enroll as a fulltime student. Such a restriction disadvantages a student because they end up wasting a lot of time, especially if they are not taking any part-time job.

The cost of higher education in Milwaukee is higher than in other universities in 0Winconsin (Goldrick-Rab 221). The reason for this is because the government provided less subsidies and that the students were not as likely to get the institution aid as the students studying elsewhere. To cater to the high fees and tuition students in Milwaukee took loans while in their first year of college. This is the reason why the level of credit debt to college students is high because even when the students graduate and do not get employed, they are not able to repay the debts. Although the loans become a financial burden in future, they greatly help the college students.

Milwaukee has low rates of college completion, which is associated with the financial challenges that the students face (Goldrick-Rab 230). This is a problem that the state should look at to ensure that they allocate more funds to universities that receive students from low income earning backgrounds to ensure that 0the college education is affordable. Many students spend several years in school and end up not graduating. They will have taken loans which are financial burdens. The system of higher education in Wisconsin should portray equality for students of different races as well as those from different economic backgrounds.

Works Cited

Goldrick-Rab, Sara. Paying the price: College costs, financial aid, and the betrayal of the American dream. University of Chicago Press, 2016.

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