Articles Analysis Essay on Transformational Leadership

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Date:  2022-09-15

Article 1: Transformational Leadership on Follower Development

The article illustrations the impacts of transformational leadership on follower development. However, there had been little research in this area. The supervisor transformational leadership according to the article is directly related to the follower development but a lot of research ought to be done to identify effectual variables of the potential follower activity variables as well as the interrelationships between cognitive, behavioral and motivational variables that are critical to the development of the follower process. The studies used in the article have been limited because they followed a two way. These include the impact of training interventions on the follower development and also the effect of those interventions on the leadership outcomes. It can be therefore argued that these studies are not appropriate to the follower development but happen to be informative on the general research development. The studies had been describing that transformational leadership morals can be developed within human beings. The second research, in this case, addresses issues of the follower development though less is known concerning the predictor and the outcome variable. Precisely, the article does not proceed to research the activities taking place between the given variables of the study.

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Article 2: Transformational Leadership on Attitudinal and Financial Outcomes

The report had been primarily focusing on increasing the intellectual stimulation of the leaders therefore, resulting in some individualized interpretation. The article, should in the future offer a very comprehensive process regarding the impacts of transformational leadership. In this case, an attempt to find out enhancement of behaviors that are charismatic of the leaders should be well addressed. The use of such an intervention would later ensure that the findings would not underestimate the outcomes of transformational leadership. Intellectual stimulation had been focused by the research. However, it is necessary that future research should detail the direct progress of non-redundant measures addressing the distinct constructs.

Article 3: Academic Leadership Behavior From Perspectives of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership had been effective in the modern days even though its resplendency faces numerous oppugns. Every current organization wishes to have an academic leadership behavior understanding. However, the behavior is hard to be taught due to the comprehensiveness of its components. The supporters of the leadership in this case are easily handled by the leaders. The nature of leadership behavior according to the article is that it is meant for a selected group of people hence leading to easy misuse of power. Pseudo-transformational leadership can be developed later implying that leadership behavior is a two-sided sword. Too much empathy had been set by the leadership principles of the private sector. Neglecting the public sector, in this case, makes the findings of the article bias and subject to scrutiny in the future.

Article 4: Transformational Leadership and Job Satisfaction

It is evident in some circumstances that individualized consideration happens to be negatively associated with job satisfaction. This occurs severally because leaders have busy schedules and therefore it is hard for employees to interact with them frequently. The private issues of the organization are addressed by the leader in this case and neglect the public issues that affect the majority of the employees. Job satisfaction had been faced with problems of individual consideration among the leaders. The positive impact of the transformation leadership on job satisfaction, in this case, is at the medium level. A leader transfers his thoughts to the employees in a very negative way; and will automatically affect their emotions and performance. The desires and motivational values of the employees would be directly related to the behavior of a leader. Transformation leadership, therefore, affects job satisfaction either positively or negatively depending on the values of the leader.

Article 5: Transformational Leadership in Enhancing Organizational Innovation

Transformational leadership had been found to contribute positively to the modernization of an organization, but it neglects some other facts. The impact of a leader on change could be well addressed after realizing the group and personal focus TL dimensions and their corresponding effects on the innovation of a given team. A group focus on transformational leadership therefore often has a positive impact on the change of a given team and further an adverse outcome on the individual innovation. The interdependence of tasks is consequently critical in this case and ought to be addressed to achieve the best result of TL on organizational change.

Article 6: Transformational Leadership in Work Groups

The report had been focused on elaborating TL on the follower's outcomes as well as their effectiveness. The effects of the collective identity that is created in the workgroup and the sense of certainty in the contexts of groups had not been addressed. Future research should be focused on describing TL in the group settings to understand it's duty in the group processes as well as the impacts in the long run. A critical understanding of TL on empowerment, group cohesion, the effectiveness of the group as well as the collective confidence ought to be well addressed.

Article 7: Leadership and Creativity

The section had illustrated the positive impacts of TL on individual creativity. However, it had not filled the gap to explain how managers should be able to set unique goals they could allow members to achieve. The purpose and direction should, therefore, be revealed to members so that they could be able to explain their creativity. The ability of the management to address the limitations on the creativity of the members had not been discussed yet it's a factor that improves the development of the employees. Unique ways should be instituted by the management to help creative people with a strong motivation so that they won't stop trying creative ideas. Transformational leadership should not only address the success of private organizations but should also find means to help identify the talent of the members to enhance their creativity.

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