Annotated Bibliography on Road Safety Measures - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-17

The article identifies first aid to road carnage victims as a challenge. It is established that most of the times the first aid is painful, and may cause hostile reactions from the patients. The article also advocates for tolerance from the nurses as a way around that challenge.

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Koslow, A., Buchsbaum, A. & Beziau. (2014). The road to universal logic : Festschrift for 50th Birthday of Jean-Yves Beziau. Cham: Birkhauser.

The article illustrates the challenge of the ineffectiveness of authorities that are supposed to mitigate road carnage incidences. It identifies that with proper legislation and follow up, incidences of road carnage can be reduced significantly.

Pradhan, L., Jaisani, M. R., Dulal, S., Dongol, A., & Sagtani, A. (2015). A study on the pattern of maxillofacial injury in patients reporting to a tertiary care hospital in eastern Nepal. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology, 27(5), 656-661.

The article identifies the challenge caused by facial injuries that bring along self esteem challenges among the patients. About 5% of road carnage victims suffer facial injuries. It advocates for counselling and advice to patients that the challenge can be corrected through surgery.

Mobarak, A. S., Afifi, R. M., & Qulali, A. (2015). First Aid Knowledge and Attitude of Secondary School Students in Saudi Arabia. Health, 7(10), 1366-1378.

The article identifies challenges arising from first aid that might be administered by individuals without the correct know-how. This could cause a complication that could be a challenge to the attending nurse afterwards. It identifies that a big number of students in high school in Saudi Arabia do not have first aid knowledge. The learning of first aid should be promoted to solve the problem.

Buckmaster, J., Brownlie, C., Olver, J., Fedele, B., & McKenzie, D. (2015). Road trauma education: the impact of a patient presenter on the road safety attitudes of adolescents. Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety, 26(2), 11.

This article addresses the trauma that come with road carnage. It identifies that a majority of road carnage victims suffer trauma. This could be a challenge to attending nurses. The article looks at the help by intervention by physiologists.

Dahiya, H., Rani, S., & Lokanathan, V. (2016). Study to evaluate the effectiveness of video assisted teaching on road safety measures among students in selected schools of Rohtak, Haryana. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing, 7(7), 777.

The article addresses the lack of know-how on road safety measures. It identifies that a considerable number of people are ignorant of road safety measures. It identifies the solution as public awareness about safety measures.


The article also delves into the challenge of post traumatic stress disorder and its implications of the well being and relationships of the patient. A considerable number of people is identified to suffer PTSD after experiencing road carnage. The solution is identified to lie in physiological intervention.

de Villiers, J. C. (2015). Use of the step-up action research model to improve trauma-related nursing educational practice. Curationis, 38(2), 1-7.

The article delves into the challenge of the nurses understanding on trauma related issues facing road carnage victims. A number of nurses are identified as not having sufficient knowledge of how to deal with such cases. Sensitization of nurses to such cases is solution to that challenge.

Rajakumari, A. (2015). Knowledge attitude and practices on undergraduate students regarding first aid measures. Indian Journal Scientific Research and Technologies, 3(3), 22-25.

The article looks at the challenge of the knowledge of first aid among students. Their attitude is crucial in cases of road carnage. It identifies a large number of them as having g negative attitude towards giving first aid. The solution lies in educating them on the importance of giving first aid.

Karol, G. S., & Pattanaik, B. K. (2014). Community Health workers and reproductive and child health care: an evaluative study on knowledge and motivation of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Workers in Rajasthan, India. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 4(9), 137-150.

The article looks at the input of the community in health issues. This also includes the victims of road carnage. A huge number of victims face segregation from the community as a result in cases of change in their normal lives as a result of injuries. Community sensitization is the solution to such challenges, the article identifies.

Dawson, A. J., Wijewardena, K., & Black, E. (2014). Health and education provider collaboration to deliver adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Sri Lanka. South East Asia Journal of Public Health, 3(1), 42-49.

The article looks at the challenge of road carnage victims with other challenges related to adolescence and sexual and reproductive health. A huge number of such victims will have attitude problems during treatment of injuries. Counselling is identified as the way to make them cooperative and ease the burden on the nurses.

Jayatilleke, A. C., Yoshikawa, K., Yasuoka, J., Poudel, K. C., Fernando, N., Jayatilleke, A. U., & Jimba, M. (2015). Training Sri Lankan public health midwives on intimate partner violence: a pre-and post-intervention study. BMC public health, 15(1), 331.

The article looks at road carnage victims that might be pregnant. That is a challenge as far as their treatment is concerned. A number of the victims are recorded to be pregnant at the time of the incidence. The rate of loss of the pregnancies as a result is also recorded as high. A pregnancy sensitive travel plan is identified as the solution to that challenge.

Infanti, J. J., Lund, R., Muzrif, M. M., Schei, B., Wijewardena, K., & ADVANCE study team. (2015). Addressing domestic violence through antenatal care in Sri Lanka's plantation estates: Contributions of public health midwives. Social Science & Medicine, 145, 35-43.

This article relates the challenge of road carnage and other challenges like domestic violence. That could pose attitude challenges during treatment. High mortality rates have been credited to such reasons. Counseling is seen as the solution.

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