Assignment Example on Policy Issues for Elderly LGBT Individuals

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Date:  2022-09-07

Analyze the virtues, morality, ethics, human rights, and multicultural issues that apply to this bill. How well does the bill take these into consideration? Provide evidence to support your ideas.

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In June 2015 United States Supreme Court granted the full marriage rights to same-sex partners. The same year the LGBT Elder Americans Act was presented in the Senate. The bill had massive rights for the elder LGBT Americans. The bill designated LGBT elders as vulnerable part of the population and it establishes the national resource centre for the LGBT aging. Other agendas that the bill considered were nondiscrimination protection, housing, community-based services, and long-term care. The aging LGBT could now access the services and programs that they were denied equal chance by factors such as cultural, geographical isolation and social that could hinder them from performing normal task freely and independently.

Analyze how this bill addresses (if at all) a holistic perspective, takes into consideration the developmental issues of the elderly, and supports clinical practice with the elderly, especially with those who are LGBT.

Some developments have been made since the bill was put in place. There is a notable contribution in the assessment of LGBT aging adults needs as published by the National Hispanic Council on Ageing (NHCOA) in 2014. National Center on Transgender Equality (NCTE) also took a collaborative analysis of transgender aging.

There is also analysis of unique problems that the LGBT aging faces. This analysis provides knowledge to the policymakers and practitioners so that they cannot disregard the special needs of LGBT older adults. Such analysis has helped the LGBT to overcome problems such as social isolation and financial insecurities.

What effective solutions would you propose for elderly LGBT individuals who are no longer able to live independently? Consider not only traditional skilled nursing facilities but also other types of innovative alternatives.

Since the old LGBT face significant health disparities that relate to aging, they need medical attention at all time. The government should build them an institution and provide them with food, medication, and psychotherapy at an affordable price. This institution will be their home where they will be kept safe and healthy.

Aging LGBT is more likely to live in poverty because of the employment discrimination. The government should provide the families who host the old LGBT with affordable housing. They should receive retirement funds and Social Security survivor benefits so that they can be able to support themselves.

Federal and state programs should be in a position to recognize marriages that existed before the marriage equality law. This will help the old LGBT who lost their partners before the legislation to be able to receive their partner's retirement benefits


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