Ethics & Equity in Health Care: Tracking Policy Agenda - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-09


National ethics for culturally and linguistically suitable services in both health care and health aid in the enhancement of health care. Also assuring or aiming to achieve equity in the health centers by coming up or implementing frameworks that will be of service to the rapidly increasing community diversity in the nation. This paper is bout tracking the policy agenda in health centers so as to achieve equity.

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The problems that triggered Class attention was the level of principle standard in the health centers was due to the poor, inequitable, unrespectable, and misunderstood quality care. And service levels sensitive to the diversity of cultural healthcare practices and beliefs, level of illiteracy in health, the languages preferred together with various needs of communication. There were very high levels of communication barriers hence poor service delivery or poor understanding of the passing of message from one person to the other mostly patient to a health practitioner. There was poor govern ship, workforce, or leadership that could be able to deal with the diversity of the cultural groups.

There was the need for diversity in the direction that was sensitive to the communities in every area and balancing of the workforce too. The original standards to be developed was to reduce ethnic imbalance and racism in the health centers as well as to guide linguistic and cultural proficiency. The issues of the CLAS standards were first developed in the year 2000 by the office of the minority of the Health and Human Services (HHS). The office of the opposition was concerned with the inequity in health, levels of quality of services, and help in balancing of personalities or the individuals working in the health centers.

Several solutions were agreed upon on dealing with the issues that lead to the CLAS standards. The first was to make sure that there was principle standard. Here the office of the minority health was working very hard towards improving the accessibility of health to the populations that were disadvantaged. The first solution was to ensure there is equity and respect and improvement of quality of service. To achieve this advancement of sustainable organizational leadership and governance, which will advocate or improve the investment in health through allocated resources, policies, and practices were proposed. The recruitment and support to the diverse management were to be balanced as well as having a workforce is different according to the population of the environment it is serving. Training and educating the leaders and workers about the cultures and languages of the areas being served was to be acted upon.

There was to be language and communication assistance who would give help to the individuals who had difficulties with the English language and also facilitating their service at no cost. Publicizing this service was to be done to make sure that everybody is aware and can get equal services as others. Competence was to be ensured by making sure only skilled people gave this service. There were also too easy prints or in the language that was most suitable to the locals. To make sure everything was achievable, there was to be engagement, accountability, and continuous improvement by the establishment of goals that were appropriate linguistic policies, management, and goals that would get followed in the organization operations. Assessment of the CLAS ongoing projects was to be done severally to ensure effectiveness.

During the period of CLAS suggestion and implementation from the year 1999 to 2001, there were changes in the presidential seat. George w Bush took over the place in 2001. The period from 2000 to 2009 is known as the lost decade. The country got attacked in 2001. The president was not a successful business executer. Legislation in the health center was weak, there was global climate change, and the Wall Street flopped. The president helped in allowing the implementation of the laws.

The three streams are problems, policies, and politics, and the system gets achieved through their connection. Kingdom said "the three streams may operate individually or differently, but for a plan to emerge they must come together and work as one. The window of opportunity was the need for new policies, governance, and campaigns to save the country.

The kingdom model highlights that participants and processes help in making sure that the people in government get to notice an idea that needs action or addressing. Health practitioners participated in the formulation phase with citing problems, ideas, and ways of execution and solutions to problems. They also participated in the implementation phase by evaluation, making the rules, and designing. The health practitioners also involved themselves in the modification of regulations in the second round.


The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care (CLAS) has been a success over the years and has improved the operation of health centers and the relationship with the communities. Ethnicity is still increasing and majoring on the strategies and standards set by CLAS the organization should be able to conquer all the challenges facing ethnicity.


US Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Minority Health. (2001). National standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services in health care.

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