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Company brochures have plenty of things to offer; they often help in keeping customers informed about the services offered by an organization or a business entity. Also, they can be used to enhance the advertisement for new products. Succicinlty, brochure is a versatile marketing tool that can highlight what a company offers as well as different activities that are undertaken by an organization. However, in most cases, customers tend to ignore it as a result of the inspiring leaflets and threats contained in some brochures. Successful companies usually craft advertisements that nobody can resist as a result of attractive photos, bright hues, as well as the sleek icons that are always fascinating. There are different forms of brochures used by different organizations to air the products as well as the services that they offer.

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In most cases, the template matters a lot as it is one of the approaches that aid in the achievement of the successful brochure. In most cases, there is completely no shortage or lack of creativity in the brochure collection. The designer can add their artistic flair to each of their design.

Counseling Program Advertisement at Mayfair Facility

The brochure format that will be considered in the design is the half-fold brochure or the bi-fold brochure. The document consists of one sheet of paper that is folded into two; this, therefore, divides the brochure into two main panels. The standard size of the bi-fold brochure is usually 8.5" x 11". In most cases, the fold is good for the presentation of the simple products, including one or two product features. The bi-fold brochure is efficient for delivering information or for the advertisement processes because it gives the clients or the customer's easy time to capture various information at the same time. In other words, it provides ease for accessing information within a short time; the readers can thus grab important ideas and information at ago. Also, the bi-fold brochure is simple and easy to constructs.

The brochure involves highlighting the services offered by the Mayfair Organization, thus to attract more clients, the brochure needs to be simple and direct, in addition, the information inside should be easy to capture by the individuals or the potential clients that may seek the services on various occasion (Gelso, Williams, & Fretz, 2014). The bi-fold brochure will thus enhance the understanding of not only the services offered but also the acquisition of the general information of the organization or company. The Mayfair counseling organization recognizes the fact that effective counselors need to possess excellent communication skills. On the other hand, even though some communication skills can be honed in the course of studies, it is necessary for one to possess some levels of communications skills before embarking on the entire counseling career. When conducting counseling to children or to teenagers who are still under parental control, it is always necessary to share information revealed to the parent. In other words, the counselor needs to share the information acquired to the parent for further interventions (Altenburg et al., 2015). Before engaging a counselor in the counseling programs, it is necessary to consider competencies, devotion to work as well as multicultural considerations (Sue et al., 2019). For teenagers who spend a lot of their time over social media, online counseling can prove to be a good platform for undertaking counseling programs.


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