Comparative Essay on Artistic Styles

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Date:  2021-06-08

Inkjet transfer painting is the transfer of graphic images printed using an inkjet on fabrics, glass, cups, and other surfaces. The technique used in this type of painting is printing on a sheet which is later transferred onto fabric by ironing. Traditional acrylic painting, on the other hand, is a type of painting that uses water-based paints that are quick drying and can be used on an array of surfaces.

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The ever changing technology has changed and influenced how artists use the two styles of painting. The traditional acrylic painting has evolved over time and is now a leading style of painting today because it is easier to clean. The acrylic color sensibility is more of a surface plastic color. Technology has provided new ways of mixing different colors, therefore, creating more hues. Inkjet on the hand has evolved over time. With the new technology, inkjet printing can produce photo-realistic images. It is possible to print an array of colors all at once thus alleviating color runs and saving time. The two technologies that inkjet transfer painting uses are mainly Drop-on-demand (DOD) and continuous (CIJ).

To produce art from both traditional acrylic painting and inkjet transfer painting, special skills are required. Painters using traditional acrylic painting are required to have the skill of mixing the paints. Since the paint dries quickly, a painter needs to know misting. Misting is a way of keeping the paint moist. In addition to other skills, blending is another technique that should be mastered. The blending of colors helps bring out a better art. Inkjet transfer painting requires the artist to know how to translate the images they see on a computer on paper. Another skill required to get a perfect print is using the right ink. Finding out the right pigment to use is not always easy, and therefore, the painter needs to know their printer manual well.

Acrylic painting is compelling in some ways. Acrylics are very versatile and can be used to produce different styles. For example, they can be applied thinly or thickly and the final product modified with other pastes. Acrylics paints can also be mixed with other mediums which create matte sheens. Another compelling characteristic about acrylics is that the paints can be used on almost any surface. Inkjet transfer painting, on the other hand, is compelling because it allows for the integration of a wide range of colors. It can also be combined with printmaking, collage, photography and drawing. Most artists like this style of painting because it creates some form of photographic realism.

Acrylic painting dries quickly and is easy to wash off. Because of these reasons, acrylic painting is done in art classes and in crafting. It is also preferred because they do not require any chemicals and the paints do not leave stains on clothes like oil paints. Inkjet transfer painting is better used when multiple prints of the same image are required. The printing is usually done at high speeds, and this makes it a better for wider formats including textiles, and ceramics. Since it can be used in wider formats, it is best used on signage and billboards. Major companies use billboards and signage for advertising, and this makes inkjet transfer painting a better option for this type of art.

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