Connecticut Emergency Alerting and Notification Systems - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-05-24

The problem statement:

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With the increasing population due to new housing developments, the volume of the emergency room cannot support the increased number of patients in the hospital. It has impacted on the time waiting for the patient thereby leading to unsatisfaction of both the staff and the customer. Of course, the patients will receive quality services if the management resolves the problem. The administration will implement a notification alert system which will alert or notify the staffs when the tests are ready to be reviewed. The pop-up sound will see on the fast-tracked computer alerting the staff that a patient has waited for over an hour and do the necessary before the patient leaves unattended as it will substantially solve the problem,

However, the questions that would arise during the implementation include; will the technology improve the patients satisfaction by attending to patients on time? Will the system save the organizations health care dollars since the patients have been seen more quickly? Will the stakeholders and staffs continuously support the system to enhance sustainability?

B. Medication errors

The chances of medication errors increase when the nurses are distracted in any way during the administration of the patients. Unfortunately, the errors related to medication are the eighth leading causes of deaths in America. Moreover, the medication errors affect the patients safety and quality care resulting in harming on the patient (Jolly & Atkinson 2010). Also, the errors have always given the organization financial burden of incurring the costs of the health care professional mistakes.

The management should ensure that there is a conducive working environment that will ensure minimized chances of distractions during the administration of the patients to restrain the mistakes.

However, will the intervention handle other forms of distractions other than the environmental distractions? How will the intervention reduce the chances of medication errors? What are the health care facility costs on lessening the likelihood of medication errors? Are the question which should be asked in tackling the problem.

C. Transition of care

The problem statement states that ineffective change of attention results to adverse impacts and medication errors, poor care continuity, inadequate management of demanding healthcare requirements and improved re-admissions and costs of healthcare.

To improve the transition process, implementation of a simple tool of discharge in the hospital units is necessary. The office care navigator should contact the patient to reconcile the medications and ensure follow-up appointments are made (Allen, 2013).

However, the management should explain the questions such as; will there be a significant reduction in readmissions for the healthcare and office provider? Will the system result in a reduced loss of revenue for the office and healthcare facility?

D. Heart failure

The problem statement involves the heart failure as a major public health issue as it has only five-year morbidity and mortality after diagnosis and also one of the highest readmission rates 50% in the hospital.

It is critical to educate adults on the importance of healthy lifestyles to curb the problem. Moreover, the APN nurse leader should develop and plan quality improvement interventions that ensure the cost, quality, and effectiveness of the challenge.

Nonetheless, it is vital to ask yourself if the implementation of an EB HTN program of management will result in an effective blood pressure control in 8 weeks compared to nonmanagement HTN program.

E. Moral distress

Moral distress has proved to be a significant challenge in the field of nursing as it has led to severe psychological and mental stress. It can result in nurses feelings of diminished integrity and also job satisfaction.

Apparently, if the problem not addressed, it can lead to adverse effects to quality of patient care by the suffering nurse.

Will the workshops mean to address the issue of safe distress lead to the reduction in the intensity and its frequency? Is the question which needs thorough explanations?

F. Falls in senior citizens.

The problem statement, in this case, falls that experienced by individuals especially the elderly in residential facilities. The effects of falls include injury and even decreased the quality of life.

Since there is no systematic process designed to identify the residents who are at high risks of fall, fall prevention program will be useful in helping the healthcare staffs in identifying workers that are at higher risks of falls with the main goal of reducing the falls.

However, ways of determining whether there is a reduction in falls within a timeline of 8 weeks is a question which needs consideration.


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