Critical Response Essay Sample on Broadcast About NASA's Seven-Year Mission to Asteroid Bennu

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Date:  2021-06-18

Mike Curie launched a live broadcast on NASA's seven-year mission to Asteroid Bennu. The life of Bennu remains mysterious, formed from the hurled up rubble of violent collision millions of years ago. NASA wants to explore what the asteroid witnessed during evolution. Currently, the asteroid is dismembered by the other planets gravity which makes it interesting. The mission of the seven-year trip is to bring the space rock to Earth for analysis. The study will assist the team in forming concrete results on the solar system and how a planet comes to life.

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The journey should give precise details of the solar system and its origin. The mission is expected to take fourteen years. The sample should arrive on earth in 2032 for a full analysis. NASA had many potential targets but decided to settle with Bennu because it has all the requirements that they want. The three requirements include its size, the carbon-rich composition, and the orbit. The orbit of this asteroid makes it accessible to the explorers. The mission's purpose is to improve the scientists' understanding of the formation of the solar system as hinted by the mission's name. It takes scientists back to the ages when the earth was dust grains in a swirling cloud.

A larger part of Bennu is composed of con rules. The scientists believe that there is need to explore these materials because Bennu is still in its original stage. The original materials of earth and other planets continue to change as a result of the chemical reactions and the geographical activity. The OSIRIS-Rex team will be able to gather organic materials from a young solar system. The natural materials in this asteroid contain molecules made of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Evidently, these particles form the core elements in supporting terrestrial life.

The materials will be set aside for study for the future generations. They will also provide the scientists with a sample of organic materials to start and complete the analysis. The journey will also contribute to asteroid redirected mission of advancing capabilities for future human missions to Mars. The OSIRIS-REx mission will aid the asteroid redirect mission according to Garner OSIRIS-REx. It will provide a better understanding of the potential hazard and the suitability of the near earth objects. The formation of the solar system is involved. The craters in the inner solar system indicate that there was a late and heavy bombardment of asteroids.

Exploiting asteroids will show the original chemical composition of the solar system. The mission is critical because Bennu represents the early stages of solar system formation. The earth's orbit matches with the Bennu's orbit, and its asteroids are about 200,000 miles away from earth Edathikunnel, "Update on the mission to asteroid Bennu." The astronomers have made projections of the chances of it colliding with the earth. The chances are however minimal. The asteroids are smaller and spin very fast and can result in materials flying off their surface.

The spacecraft will pass around the sun and then the earth for an enhancement from the planet's gravity. This will assist in changing the craft's orbit and align it with the Bennu's orbit. The OSIRIS-REx will spend a year surveying the space rock to select the best sample for analysis. The sample should be beneficial to the scientists' investigation as stated by the deputy principal investigator of OSIRIS-REx. The other goal of the mission is to investigate the effects of the sun on the Bennu's orbit. It is due to the common effects of sun's photons on the asteroids. These asteroids absorb the photons and lead to overheating. Reradiating occurs in the space and the process results in a thrust throwing the rock off the orbit. It makes it hard for astronomers to predict the long-term orbit of the asteroids due to this effect which is known as Yarkovsky.

The researchers will be in a position to study the asteroids' orbit carefully watch the Yarkovsky's effect. It is an investigation of the solar radiation received by the asteroid and will assist in predicting the asteroids' orbit. In July 2020, the spacecraft will collect the sample, and this will only take a few minutes. The OSIRIS-REx will not land instead it will extend a robotic arm equipped with a collection head at the end. After touching the surface of the asteroid, the spacecraft will fire a bottle of nitrogen. This bottle will cause collection of any loose material in the head. The mission is to collect at least 60 grams of the sample. NASA ensures that there are three attempts if the first attempt fails.

The spacecraft is then scheduled to leave and start its journey back to earth. NASA already has calculations on the landing area. The craft is set to land in Utah desert once the container detaches from the rest of the OSIRIS-REx. Scientists will then analyze the materials left on the art to form concrete results on the solar system formation. The geochemists believe that it is essential to know the chemical composition of the solar system before it evolved. The archived studies contain information, but this mission will provide support for the research.


This mission will give accurate measurements of the chemical composition. The astronomers will gather information about the asteroid to prevent future hazards. NASA continues to explore the space and completion of this mission will go on records. The team in NASA will be known for providing precise information of the solar system and the origin of life.

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