Smartphone Revolution: A 2011 Primary School Story - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-18


From the time I entered my last year in primary school, a subtle change took place around me. The time is around 2011, in the hot summer around the students have a mobile phone. And it was the first time I saw so many students in the school use the smart touch screen mobile phone. A lot of students holding cell phones after school in use chat software to chat, and watching others hair blog on social software or play stand-alone phone measures the game, there are a lot of people holding a cell phone and parents for coming home from school. I have been longing for an intelligent touch-screen mobile phone in my heart, so I begged my mother to tell her some benefits brought by hand function, such as timely contact with them after school or searching online for some problems that I could not understand. Finally, in the summer vacation after graduation from elementary school in June 2011, I won a Nokia 5230 - my first smartphone by taking part in piano competition and winning the first prize. When I got this mobile phone, many of my classmates also had mobile phones, so we added friends on social media, created chat groups and could see others' news and entertainment news on our phones. But the arrival of my first smartphone also brought me some subtle psychological changes. Since I often see classmates sharing the joy of receiving gifts on social software, stars showing their products in hand, and the promotion of advertising products, I gradually develop a strong desire to buy those famous advertising products elaborated on social media.

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When I first entered junior high school, almost no students in the class did not have smartphones or did not use social media. My friends and I often get together to discuss celebrity gossip and some novel products. When I was in grade one of junior high school, if someone can put on a pair of Nike or Adidas can let more students to a bit of envy, because in the software of social media in Nike and Adidas is a famous international brand and these two brands are advertised by sports stars. When I was shopping with my mom to buy shoes, I expressed the feeling of disgust to other shoe brands and begging my mom to buy a pair of Nike or Adidas shoes for me. I finally also put on my first pair of Nike shoes, almost every day I wear this pair of Nike because of a sense of superiority when walking in the school and a strong sense of self-confidence will arise spontaneously.

Because of the promotion of many products by stars on social media and the spread of fashion news by students in school. I have a stronger desire to buy new products with high popularity launched on social media. In my 7th grade, if I could not purchase the products I wanted, I would be depressed and jealous of my classmates who had these products and even complain about my parents. I begged my parents to replace my Nokia 5230 with the first iPhone 5. From Nike shoes to the pursuit of Jordan or the limited edition of Jordan, I collected all the toys of popular online games like plants vs. zombies, etc. When I was in grade 9, I came to the United States to study alone. For the first time, I had complete control over my living expenses and had the right to free control. I used the new social media app Instagram, where I saw a new world. The most popular recommendations almost all present a perfect picture of life. Many people show off their luxury goods, showing off the first class on the plane when they go out for a trip, the luxury hotel they stay in or the luxury car and so on. Since I had the freedom to control my living expenses, I felt the thrill of being shopping for welfare for the first time. It was the first time I had these so-called luxuries on social media, and I certainly took pictures of them on my own Instagram. I also received thumb up messages from many strangers for the first time, so I developed an irresistible mentality to buy luxuries with the rest of my living expenses even to reduce The Times of buying lunch at school.

I could not control my desire for the luxury items I followed on Instagram, and I developed a great deal of vanity. After overdrawing my living expenses, I asked my parents for more living expenses. During the summer vacation when I came back from grade 9, I had a quarrel with my parents because they found out that I was so young at that time, but I was arrogant and vain about luxuries and the use of social media. So they said they would limit my living expenses and confiscate my right to use my mobile phone for three days. I still remember crying and yelling in anger and even saying to my parents, "you want my life by confiscating my mobile phone. Why can't I have what others have? "At that time, my parents were so angry and sad that they almost broke my phone. I saw the atmosphere and did something amazing. I picked up my mother's phone and fell down hard and stepped on it. So my parents and I hardly talked for a day, and I could feel their sadness and despair.

But after I left home for school, I began to spend freely again. I still remember that I fell in love with New York after watching the American TV series "Gossip Girl." It felt like a paradise of money and a good life. So I went to New York with my friends on spring break, and I made sure to stay in five-star hotels in the best areas like central park or Times Square. I have to Google luxury stores and shopping to buy my favorite things within the cost of living and then post them on Instagram in the hope of getting more likes. On this trip to New York, I spent almost all my living expenses, and I had to ask my parents again. When I use Instagram and watch the product promotion I receive in my mailbox, a vicious circle occurs. That is, I spend almost all my pocket money and post it to Instagram and other social software after I buy it, which makes my friends and classmates envy and satisfy their own vanity. Finally, I leave all my troubles with my parents.

One of my best friends pulled me out of the trap of this crazy vicious circle. She told me to try to delete Instagram and all the other social media apps I had used before, leaving important chat apps. So we stayed in Santa Monica with her for a few days, and I tried to delete the software so that I could have a new sense of life. Although I cannot see these media news, other people posted pictures of life, but I don't seem to feel what is missing in life. Because with my friend's company, we can put down our phones and go to the seaside for a walk, go to the amusement park, and eat in the nearby restaurants. When there is no push of social software on my mobile phone, I can hardly see the promotion in advertisements and the updated products of the new season in luxuries. Therefore, my desire to buy gradually faded and I found more meaningful things to do. For example, I was busy applying for college, studying for exams and doing volunteer work on weekends, and extra. I also don't need social software to pay attention to other people's lives and care about what they have. I gradually realize that it is not easy for my parents to support me and make money to encourage me to study abroad.

After I deleted the social media software, I began to live a healthy lifestyle again and learned how to fill my own time with something meaningful instead of wasting my time on paying attention to other people's lives and how to use my parents' money to pursue the so-called trend and fashion in these media. Social media used to drive me into the sturdy vanity of uncontrollable purchasing desire, and some psychological changes of depression and conceit caused me to hurt my parents' intentions and spoil my more meaningful life. I've stopped using Instagram and other social media for two years, and it's been four months since I've followed other people's updates on the chat apps I use. Although I am still satisfied to buy the products I like once I achieve a goal, I think I know how to balance my study time and make good use of my leisure time in my life.

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