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Date:  2021-06-30 20:43:02
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Stereotypes of being torn between cultures and different cultural diversities are the themes that are discussed in the modern day writers. It is evident that people in the society have got diverse cultures and beliefs which influence their perception and decision making in the process. It is considered necessary to understand and tolerate the fact that individuals are unique in one way or another and it is that diversity that makes the society complete. The paper will focus on the importance of cultural diversity and the reason why people should appreciate difference beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. Li-Young Lee and Cathy Song have been identifying the stereotypes and how cultures have been torn into two with its importance. In that context, cultural diversity should be encouraged and supported since it is an essential part of the society and what all human beings have to treasure.

The different immigration histories and the struggle against unjust policies and racial violence gave rise to effective writing especially by the Chinese-language writers like Li-Young Lee. Lee had an experience since he was an immigrant and in an attempt to move beyond the questions of race and culture. His childhood was tragic, but he still held on to his fathers practices, pressing into the pages of one of his fathers big books, the flowers he picked all morning, (Lee, 1957). The poem indicated the lonely life he had his only solace was his fathers book.

Having been born in Indonesia to Chinese parents, he had unique religious education, and upon arriving in America, Lees father became a Christian. Lee poetic influences the western religious and philosophical viewpoints which are blended to create unique cosmology (Lee, 1957). His poetry From Blossoms indicates that an individual should not take any ordinary day for granted since every day contains the potential for extraordinarily. He states that there are days we live as if death were nowhere

Lees poetry provides experiences of disconnection, dispossession, and alienation. Examples of the poetry are like Rose and the City which I love you where he embraced the childhood that he had with his father. English was not his first language, and he talks about how his experience made him appreciate different cultures although with much difficulties. In his poetry on Becoming Becoming, Lee indicates that I dont mind suffering as long as its about something, (Lee, 1957). This shows that his hardships of learning another culture were worth it in the long run. He identifies that to understand and appreciate different cultures; one had to have an emotional experience as the taste of a persimmon, the scent of a lovers hair, feeling, seeing, imagining and loving. Most of the immigrants were silent about their past lives and this added confusion and loss identity.

On the other hand, Cathys song also demonstrated in their themes on cultural diversity, condemning stereotypes and talking about the impact and importance of cultural diversity. Cathys song hail from a different ethnic background whereby she evaluates the examination of peoples identity, rebellion, and the importance of cultural identity(Cathy, 1955). Cathys song focus on the lives of ethnic minorities that were in the USA and her songs had Chinese and Korea descent. Her ethnicity is powerfully depicted in her poems due to her migration from China and Korea. In her song, The Girl Can Run indicates the enthusiasm that girls in Chinese had to go and experience a different culture in America marveling at its enormity. She runs as fast as her little legs could carry her up over the hills and out of town, (Cathy, 1955).

The perspective is mostly seen in her song, Lost Sister where she introduces a daughter who is living a conservative and tranquil Chinese society and a sister who chose to leave her ancestral land to the liberal and noisy environment of America. You find you need China: Your one fragile Identification, a jade link handcuffed to your wrist, (Cathy, 1955). In reading the songs, the reader can either sympathize with the immigrants or relate to the plight of women and the experience of a minority group in America.

Cathys song identifies the identity of Chinese community through mentioning of the Jade which is a symbol of beauty in Chinese culture and when one leaves to another homeland, it becomes a reminder, and it fosters a longing to ones home. She identifies that it is still good in other peoples culture like giving. One only need to interact with the others to know; she indicates in the song, The Kindness of Others that, The generosity of others whose spirits, like their long-legged children blossoming into a progeny, (Cathy, 1955).

Poetry has played a great role in identifying the impact of diversity to everyday life. Music portrayed important development and diffusion of the American identity with difference feeling and interpretation. Lee and Cathy have evaluated the concepts, and due to their personal experiences as immigrants, they can show the plight of those who embrace a different culture and its importance.


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