Dallas DA Takes Positive Step: Dismissing First-Time Marijuana Cases - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-03


The idea of not prosecuting first-time marijuana offenders is surely a positive step that the New District Attorney of Dallas County would like to introduce. Even though this statement gives a wrong first impression, upon looking at it keenly you realize that it is a great way of thinking in as far as criminal law is concerned. The DA gives very good reasons for his take on the issue, which I totally agree with. He will dismiss all the pending first-time marijuana cases he took when he came into office (Shinneman, 2019). However, the suspect must not have been equipped with weapons, being in a drug-free zone or be dealing with drugs. This will go a long way to reduce the overstuffing of the state jails and prisons.

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I do not totally agree with Mr. Creuzot that trace amounts of drugs should stop being prosecuted. In the case of hard drugs such as Cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, trace amounts are still very dangerous for the user. If a drug user is using "trace" amounts of these illegal drugs and we set them free then it will seem that we do not care of rooting out the drug lords selling them and punishing them. As for the case of less dangerous drugs such as marijuana, this law may be applied.

It is correct to point out that our bail system is indeed unfair. Currently, the bail system does make a preference for wealth over safety. Offenders who have money to pay are given the bail to continue with their daily lives even though some of them may still be dangerous to the communities they live in. Those who do not have the bail money, on the other hand, are jailed even though their offenses may be petty. These people who do not have money to pay for bail are more likely to re-offend and vice versa. "Among offenders who were released while awaiting trial, those who could afford bonds were less likely to re-offend" (Shinneman, 2019).

Criminal trespass charges should be dismissed against offenders that do not involve intrusion into physical property. One may trespass unknowingly, like, for example getting lost and accidentally finding yourself in someone's property. This should not be prosecuted together with other serious offenses. However, the trespasser should be in a position to give an accurate and honest reason for their actions before they are dismissed.

While Mr. Creuzot has genuine empathy for the poor, it is worth noting that owners of the stolen items have worked very hard for whatever was stolen from them. His decision not to prosecute theft for personal items with value less than $750 is unthoughtful. Even though personal items are mandatory needs for an individual, this decision will have broader effects which will show up after the law is successfully passed. First, there is bound to be more theft since the thieves will be protected by the law. The law should cut across and should not spare anyone. If the law will only favor the poor, who/ what will the rich depend on for protection?

Some social services in the US allow those who lack personal items to get access to them. An example is the TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). "Looking for help for yourself or your family? ACF provides states with block grants to design and operate programs to meet Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) goals" (Office of Family Assistance, n.d.). Another service is the Goodwill NFP. "Goodwill NFP in Indiana is one of many initiatives across the nation funded by HHS to help low-income families become healthy and financially self-sufficient "(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018).

While his argument about criminalizing poverty stands out, D.A. Creuzot forgets that also the haves must enjoy protection from the justice system. Moreover, there are quite a number of local social services in the country, such as those mentioned above, to help those lacking personal items.

My overall opinion for the D.A. Creuzot's changes is that some of the changes are excellent and need to be affected as soon as possible. However, I do not agree with some of them since they protect the offender instead of the victim.


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