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Dialog About Government and Politics - Paper Example

Date:  2021-07-05 15:51:26
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Dwayne: What do you mean?

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John: Our president is planning to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. It is so unfair to most of the world countries! What do you think?

Dwayne: well, but why are you assuming all blames on our president?

John: Because he only consults individuals with a similar mindset, in fact, I doubt if he consults!

Dwayne: How can you prove such an assumption?

John: Dwayne! The issue of concern here is climate. We are the largest nation after China that emits a bigger percentage of the Green House gases which affects the entire world. Any reasonable human being ought to have taken responsibility for his actions. Don't you think this is unfair to the developing countries?

Dwayne: I agree, but what do you think causes this to happen?

John: I heard somebody complaining, that most of the members of the Congress control some essential oil point areas in the country and because they belong to the Republican Party, the president has to favor their interest to gain more support.

Dwayne: sounds convincing, but do you think he will give in to the rumors and pull out?

John: How I wish he had an option! He has done worse than this, and I expect more surprises from him. Sincerely speaking, I disregard the reign of Trump, long live, the former president Barrack Obama.

Dwayne: Wait a minute! You have tipped me. I have a different perception.

John: Fine, what is an alternative way to look at it?

Dwayne: Since Obama is the one who signed the agreement to lead all the world Nations in combating climate challenges, Trump is only trying to show the differing ideologies that exist between the two parties. What do you think?

John: I appreciate your way of thinking, but I must say that Climate is a global issue. It is beyond the decision of one political party. It is therefore fair from everyone regardless of the political ideologies, religion or financial gains, to subject their efforts and resources to make the world a better place!

Dwayne: Well stated! And what effect would this decision have to the United States?

John: Obviously, individuals are likely to protest, the environmental bodies within the States are likely to petition, and the whole world is going to hate our president more and more.

Dwayne: We are the powerful nation on the planet! How will they know if we fail to take some of these riskier positions?

John: You scare me, Dwayne! Don't you know that leaders are bound to lead by example? We are giving other developed nations opportunity to gain influence and support from world countries. No wonder China is becoming an economic colonizer.

Dwayne: Sorry for that brother, but what do you think can be an alternative consequence to the position taken by our president?

John: There is no other option. The best thing that I can personally suggest is to make a motion to the legislature to counter the position taken by the president so as to remain on the right side of history for the benefit of future generation.

Dwayne: If he is that unfair, Why can't we impeach him ones and for all?

John: If only I had such a mandate, he would have been no more!

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