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Digitalization in Business - Essay Example

Date:  2021-07-05 06:25:39
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As a matter of fact, change is inevitable in this era. The move to adopt new technology into company operations continues to be one of the major frontiers of the modification. Although the change brings along streamline operations, efficient communication, and, in general, better services offered to customers, the threat to more established conventional structures provides a formidable threat to the institutionalization of the change. At the same time, the flexibility of a companys operations remains one of the major factors influencing the implementation of technology in the day-to-day operations. Consequentially, for businesses to stay relevant in a highly changing consumer landscape, the application of technology and digital services remains a top priority.

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The imperative to go digital, which arises from the need to promote a more seamless and efficient business model, relies on engaging the stakeholders. The relationship between these key players remains the determinant of the success and relevance of any business. Additionally, attempts to digitalize operations remain motivated by the growth in the size of Generation Y natives, a promising market for their products and services.

Indeed, the RE/MAX model is a significant influence in the real estate business. The idea relies on the synergy created by a multitude of almost similar entrepreneurs working towards common goals. Therefore, the franchise framework within which the concept is based offers wider panoplies of opportunity for businesses that join the endeavor. The opening provides a second stream of income generated by ones portfolio. Additionally, the RE/MAX model fits well with attempts to digitalize any business. The primary objective of the concept seeks to boost the business through partnering with like-minded individuals in the exploitation of a particular business niche. The greatest challenge, however, lies in maintaining these clients in a highly competitive environment courtesy of adoption of digital technology. The application of technology for instance in real estate ensures secure communication with the customer while, at the same time, offering the same customer with a variety of options.

The art of capturing the right audience for a companys goods and products remains solely hinged on the media of getting the message out to the target customer base. The application of digital communication as compared to analog forms provides the business with an upper hand in reaching out to many customers at once. The seamless and efficient communication between the clientele and company remains a great forte in the success of the business. Nonetheless, the adoption of digital forms of communication offers a viable option in this area.

The complexity of an organization requires constant communication between the different departments. Furthermore, with a RE/MAX model in place, constant communication between partners in the franchise remains an important matter in the attainment of objectives and goals. With an increased complexity with advancement in business, the need for a networked communication remains essential for efficient sharing of information.

The challenge in transforming an industry from analog to digital exchange of information platform lies in the engagement of the various stakeholders in ensuring the business remains relevant. However, as captured above the relevance and importance of digitalization remain not only limited to an expanded market niche into generation Y natives but also the compatibility to the concepts of RE/MAX business model. Consequentially, despite the challenges associated with the transformation the move to digitalization, the business operations remains a significant step in the success and survival of any firm.

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