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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security protects electronic systems, servers, and mobile devices against hacker attacks. Many operations today are done online. Data is stored electronically by governmental, military, and medical services. They then transfer it over the Internet. People also share personal information on the network. Cyber security is therefore so important.

The online industry is the future. This has been long known. This does not guarantee 100% protection from hacker attacks. There are always risks and users can endanger their safety, adding to the growing list of victims of cyberterrorism in the USA. Experienced users must be able to understand how viruses can enter the network, and how to avoid spam and phishing emails. This is why this topic is still relevant and will continue to be important for many years.

It is crucial to do a thorough analysis of your chosen topic before you start writing a cybersecurity argumentative essay. It may not be appropriate to mention companies' security if a student is trying to explain how secure communication can be made over the Internet.

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