Discussion on the Influence of Facebook on the Subjective Well-Being of the Users With Respect to Behavioral Adaptations

Paper Type:  Essay
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Wordcount:  521 Words
Date:  2021-06-03

Main idea: The influence of Facebook on the subjective well-being of the users with respect to behavioral adaptations.

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C. Publication Information and Main Idea for 3rd Article

Title: 7 ways to Benefit from Facebook Groups

Author: Donna

Publication in which the article appeared: Socially Sorted

Main Idea: Discusses on ways to effectively engage in Facebook groups for constructive purposes.

D. Thesis statement: Facebook is a social media site that brings people together and provides a global linkage in many different perspectives. The three authors; Farhad Manjoo, Ethan Kross et al. and Donna- vividly discuss the social aspect of Facebook and the impacts it brings about, however, facebook may have positive and negative impacts on the users and their social lives.

Paragraph 2

Topic sentence of Authors opinion: Farhad Manjoo believes that Facebook has negative influence to the users as it brings out the issue of skeptics, in that, an individual may assume that they have many friends on Facebook however, in reality the user has no friend.

Response to that view: To some extent the viewpoints of Manjoo shine some light on the fact that out of the 1000 friends one may have there is a huge probability that only a third of those friends are the real life friends of the user, however, it does not mean that the online friends cannot be termed as the friends of the user.

Paragraph 3

Topic sentence of Authors opinion: Ethan Kross et al. analyses the well-being variable of behavioral science and the scientific results proves that Facebook may have negative influence on the users because levels of life satisfaction are declining as the user continues to use Facebook.

Response to that view: The opinion is agreeable as it is recently seen that most people spend most of their time on Facebook uploading their daily activities, beautiful pictures, successes, their grievances, and their current status to people they have no clue of who they are.

Paragraph 4

Topic sentence of Authors opinion: Donna uses her article to give insight on how individuals can use Facebook groups for their benefits especially if the group shares common interests and is disciplined.

Response to that view: The views of Donna are totally agreeable, this is because of the fact that Facebook platform exposes individuals to a wide range of people, businesses, and products, therefore, users can join Facebook groups that satisfies their nature of needs.


Restate 3 authors arguments

Farhad Manjoo argues that Facebook brings out the issue of Facebook skeptics.

Ethan Kross et al. argues that in reality Facebook does not offer any satisfaction users may acquire endless friends on Facebook but once the users log out of the Facebook these friends do not exists in the real life of the individuals thus it can lead to developing feelings of loneliness.

Donna argues on the benefits of Facebook groups by presenting ways in which a Facebook user can use the platform in a constructive and progressive manner.

Point of view based on the overall debate of the issue: Facebook has both negative and positive effects on an individuals social life, it is of important to engage in Facebook activities that enhances ones well-being and networking.

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